White Sox should not trade any starting pitching

The White Sox have a solid starting rotation entering 2013. Jake Peavy, Chris Sale, John Danks, Gavin Floyd, and Jose Quintana on paper are a good staff. The Sox also have some potential starters in Hector Santiago and Dylan Axelrod. This has led to a wide spread speculation that the Sox are deep in starting pitching. Many analysts and media members have talked about the White Sox trading Gavin Floyd to fill a need elsewhere like a left-handed bat or backup catcher. The truth is though the White Sox should refrain from trading any starters cause there not that deep.

Jake Peavy appears fully recovered from his injuries by looking at his performance last year. Those who are expecting Peavy's arm to fall off again should move past that. However, Peavy is 31 years old.  Last year was his first fully healthy season with the Sox since his trade. Peavy is reportedly taking very good care of himself physically to prevent injury. The truth though with any  30 year old pitcher is injury possibilities increase. John Danks missed much of last season with a shoulder injury. Danks had surgery during the season and from all reports is on schedule to be ready for Spring Training. Danks though could suffer a setback or not be ready by April 1st causing the Sox to have to rely on some else. Gavin Floyd, which is everyone's favorite bargaining chip, is the only other right hander in the rotation. Gavin also was on the DL twice last year with elbow issues, so that's a concern. Jose Quintana tailed off the 2nd half of the season and we need to find out if he's the real deal or another Philip Humber. Chris Sale is projected to take the next step, as a starter this season, and be your ace or at least 1B if Peavy is 1A.

If Floyd is traded and any of these starters go down, the Sox could be in a load of trouble. I'm not overly impressed with Hector Santiago, who at best is 4 or 5 starter. Dylan Axelrod is what you see. A guy who needs to be pin point and work both sides of the plate to win. Prospects such as Nestor Molina, Simon Castro, and Charlie Leesman still need seasoning in the minors.

The clear evidence is that despite what many think the White Sox are not that deep in starting pitching. GM Rick Hahn would be better suited to trade a outfielder or prospect to address areas of need. I know many fans are tired of Floyd not living up to his potential, but he's a solid starter. If the Sox are going to compete in the AL Central in 2013, they will need all their starters and can't afford to trade them right now.

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  • Leesman is the most underrated player in the white sox system. He had his best season yet and at the highest level and still gets no love.

  • In reply to soxfan71:

    Leesman is a decent pitcher. I've heard the knock on him is having consistent commnad of his pitches. He is a lefty though.I know some people project him as a bullpen piece, even though he has started for most his minor league career. Right now, Molina and Castro likely have more potential. Injuries always creep up in bullpens through a 162 game season, so we may see him at some point in 2013. I have another post about trading for Jason Kubel that you should read and let me know your feedback.

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