Despite report, Viciedo unlikely to be trade bait

Last week, Dan Hayes of CSN Chicago said he heard that the Sox would be willing to listen to trade offers for Dayan Viciedo. I find it highly unlikely that GM Rick Hahn would move Viciedo. In recent weeks, internal discussion have gone on about moving Viciedo back to third base. This isn't because Viciedo lacked in the outfield. It's actual due to the lack of depth the Sox have at third base. Kevin Youkilis is likely to sign elsewhere. Brent Morel is still not healthy. Carlos Sanchez is tearing the cover off the ball in the AFL, but he is seen as a middle infielder.

If the Sox move Viciedo back to third base, it has to happen soon so he can play some Winter Ball at third. I would rather the Sox keep him in the outfield, but I understand their dilemma. The Sox have rising starts in the outfield such as Trayce Thompson, Courtney Hawkins, and Keeyan Walker while third base is thin. What people are forgetting though is the big picture with Viciedo. Paul Konerko is in his final year of his contract. Adam Dunn and Alex Rios both have two years remaining. Viciedo is the future for the Sox in the middle of the order. Who else is ready? The answer is no one. Yes, Thompson and Hawkins have potential, but need seasoning. Minor leaguer Andy Wilkins has power, but he  is a few years away. A trade of Viciedo would set the Sox back.

Viciedo, in his first full season, hit .255/25 HR/ 78 RBI's. He still is very much a free swinger, but is learning. Instead of trading Viciedo, I find it more likely that the Sox start working on a long term deal with him. He is under team control till 2016, but the Sox could save some money by signing him long term. Viciedo's numbers are projected to go up every year, so his arbitration value will increase.  A reasonable extension could save the Sox in arbitration and also give them their middle of the order run producer for the future. Whether he plays third or in the outfield, I don't see the Sox moving him right now.  The Winter Meetings will be in Nashville during early December. I expect Hahn to make a deal or two, but not a deal involving Viciedo.

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