Who should replace Steve Stone if he leaves?


With rumors floating that Steve Stone will be leaving the White Sox as their TV color analyst, I started to think who would be a good replacement to be Ken "Hawk" Harrelson's partner. After much deliberation, I came up with two candidates.  Those candidates are current Pre/Post Game host Chris Rongey of WSCR 670 and former centerfielder/ 05 WS Champ Aaron Rowand.

Rongey has hinted before in interviews that he would love to get into the broadcast booth. During Spring Training, Rongey has done a mix of play by play and color on radio and online. Rongey's knowledge of the White Sox and has ability to relate to fans would make him a great choice. Hawk would also accept Rongey in the booth. Rongey would bring his own insight, while also adding some youth to the broadcast.

Aaron Rowand filled in for Darrin Jackson during the Yankees series as the color analyst on radio. In a short sample size, Rowand did a excellent job. Rowand is loved by White Sox fans and still has a big following her in Chicago. He loves Chicago and would bring that former players perspective to the broadcast. Rowand is a knowledgeable ball player and a good speaker. Ken Williams has said on numerous occasions, Rowand was the hardest player he ever traded away. Rowand was always known as a "grinder". He would a be a good fit for the Sox as they have a tradition of bringing former players back into the organization.

Whether it's Rongey or Rowand, I think Hawk would accept either of them. Hawk is a strong personality much like Steve Stone. With Stone, Hawk sometimes seemed threatened by his presence. Stone, ultimately, seemed tired of Hawk's perspective on the game. Hawk is the ultimate fan and takes things very hard. I think both Rowand or Rongey could handle Hawk. Either of these two candidates could gel well for a excellent broadcast.

As of right now, Steve Stone is still under contract. I highly doubt he returns though. The Sox would be wise to either add Chris Rongey or Aaron Rowand to the broadcast. It will be interesting to see what direction the Sox go, but these are my top two choices.

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  • Rongey certainly shouldn't be a TV analyst. His whole career on the radio post game show has been talking callers out of "if you just moved [any player] to #2 in the lineup," and "just trade for [player] and give up nothing." He certainly doesn't know anything about playing the game.

    I would pick someone like The Big Hurt, assuming that he needs something to keep occupied.

    And, as DJ demonstrated, during your own thing on radio doesn't mean you can keep up with Hawk on TV. Can DJ do so now?

  • In reply to jack:


  • In reply to jack:

    I think Rongey may suprise you in the booth. It may not be instant success, but I think within a season you would like him in that role. The Big Hurt be great, but Frank has a lot of businesses going on right now outside of baseball. I don't think he has the time. What about Rowand? Did you like that idea?

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    I don't know about Rowand's broadcast and analyst abilities. But I don't think that Farmer has them either .(I've noted under Hammermann that Farmer's two talents are sick and dead people and going to Catholic school. We don't need to know that Farmer was hatched at 79th and Sacramento.)

    But I sure don't expect Rongey to say "if Sale throws it inside he'll get a popup and that will end the inning." Stone, of course, had that level of understanding of the game, Rongey does not. Heck, bring in a drunk Mark Grace to comment on 1st base play. And if Reinsdorf's main criterion is an outfielder who played for a short time here, Rowand qualifies, but so does Juan Pierre.

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