Cutler can still fix this mess

It was a bad night for Jay Cutler this past Thursday.

His performance was poor and he lost his cool, allowing many to question his leadership abilities. In the post game, he made the mistake of not taking responsibility for his poor performance. He did, however, throw some of his teammates under the bus.

It was a mistake, but Cutler can still salvage his image and fix this mess.

Jay Cutler is a talented quarterback. He's the best quarterback the Bears have ever had in some people's opinions. He is a competitor and can be fiery. Jay, however, may not be a leader and realistically that's ok. The Chicago Bears don't need Jay Cutler to be a leader in that locker room. They have the men for that job. Brian Urlacher, Lance Briggs, Julius Peppers, and Charles Tillman fill that role nicely. The Bears just need Cutler to be a talented quarterback.

Jay does have to make amends for his actions and right the ship.

Cutler will be in front of the press on Wednesday at Halas Hall for typical "Jay Day". He also has his radio show on ESPN1000 on Tuesday. Jay needs to step up and say these magic words when he meets the media.

"I would like to apologize to my teammates, coaching staff, and the fans for my actions on Thursday night. I let my emotions get the best of me and was angry with my poor performance, as well as the teams. I'm a competitor, but I could of handled myself better. I've apologized to my teammates and the coaches. We need to be to better, I need to be better, and we will be on Sunday vs. the St. Louis Rams."

That's it. It should be apology accepted and the story should end. If the Bears want to take it one step further let Jay Cutler give up his captains patch to Lance Briggs or Charles Tillman. If they think his actions have caused him to lose respect in the locker room take it. I don't think his teammates will want that. Don't forget these are professionals. Emotions get high on the field and things happen.

I understand that a lot of people are upset with Jay, but it's not all on him either. Should he be swearing at teammates when he's not performing well either, No. That said, we are not the one's getting are head slammed to the ground by Clay Matthews time after time. Jay should not of bumped J'Marcus Webb, but go back and watch the video. Jay starts off swearing at Webb. Webb doesn't look back at Cutler and then smiles. Cutler bumps him after that, so maybe Cutler didn't feel Webb was taking him serious. Should he of handled it the way he did, No. He should off got the whole line together and spoke to them. However, I can see how his emotions got the better of him.

Cutler already suffered one P/R nightmare after the NFC Conference game. It's time the Bears get out in front of this and avoid any further damage. They need to have Jay right this ship so the focus can be strictly on football. Cutler and the Bears have the ball. I hope the game plan to fix this is better than the game plan from Thursday.

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