Adjustments at plate paying off for Beckham

He came to the big leagues with a lot of hype.

He was going to be our savior, or at least that's the label many put on Gordon Beckham.

Beckham had a successful 2009 rookie campaign followed by two disappointing seasons at the plate. He's a Gold Glove caliber second baseman defensively, but offensively there's a lot left to be desired. Lately though, Beckham is looking like his old self at the plate. Gordon has made some adjustments at the plate that seem to be finally paying off.

He has lowered his stance by bending his knees more. It appears to have created a solid base for him. Beckham is also pulling the ball more resulting in career high power numbers. In the last 30 days, Beckham is hitting .314 with 16 RBI's and 5 HR's. In the same time frame, he has a OBP of .399 and is slugging .534. Following Monday's game against Kansas City, he has 16 HR's on the season.

Beckham's hitting .239, but his average has been creeping upwards. Beckham won't be able to salvage the numbers he wants average wise this season, but he is giving fans a glimpse of what may be possible. If Beckham can provide his solid defense at second base and have a stat line in future seasons of .255/20Hr's/70 RBI's, wouldn't you take it? Beckham may never hit .290 or .300  in average like many expected. If Beckham can consistently provide those power numbers for the Sox he would be a asset.

Next year will be a big year for Beckham. He never failed in baseball prior to 2010 and 2011. He has remained professional and worked hard to right the ship. Many have written him off, but Beckham may still change opinions. If Beckham can translate his final month of the season into next year we could see him get his first Golden Glove. Next year is next year though. Right now, Gordon Beckham is giving his team good consistent at bats. He could be a key factor in the final stretch run to win the American League Central Division and hopefully a World Series.

He may never be savior, but he can still be that offensive threat at the plate.


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