It's time to leave Urlacher alone

It's the medias job to be intrusive and inquisitive. They dig deep and use sources to try and find out the information that players and coaches don't want you to know.  The
cloud of secrecy that has been floating around Brian Urlacher's left knee injury got thinner today. A report by Mike Mulligan of the Chicago Tribune/WSCR  is out that Brian had a injected based procedure done on his left  knee in Europe. Early last week, Urlacher had a arthroscopic procedure done on his knee. The procedure commonly known as a scope was not his first surgery later reported by CSN Chicago. At this point though, it's time to leave Brian Urlacher alone.

Urlacher is not a young man in the football world. He is a 34 year old linebacker that has a lot of miles on his body. Urlacher is in the final year of his contract with the Chicago Bears. He knows his next contract will be his last, whether it's here or elsewhere. Urlacher's goal is to be on the field on September 9th to start the season. Does it really matter how he gets there?

Everyone keeps asking Urlacher questions about his knee and his response has remained the same. "I'll be ready September 9th."  Neither the Bears or Urlacher were ever going to come out and offer any injury information willingly to the media. Brian's not a dumb guy. He knows that this injury could end his career if he can't recover. He is doing anything a man in his position would do and that is anything to get back on the field. Today, Urlacher was asked to comment on the report of the procedure done in Europe. Did anyone really expect Brian to reveal a answer?

Urlacher is doing everything he can to get himself on the field. His medical procedures or records are none of our business. Think of it this way , if you were in his shoes would you let that information out willingly? I'm sure Urlacher was trying to avoid the reputation of being a 34yr old linebacker with a bad knee. Not a great selling point when marketing yourself. Also, it just gives the opposition another advantage.

If Urlacher cannot be ready for September 9th, is there anyone who could replace him? The answer is No. Someone will fill in, but you can't replace Brian Urlacher. It's time that we all just leave Urlacher alone. He's trying to get healthy and use any means possible to continue playing for the Chicago Bears. Football is the man's job. He is one of the most respected men in the locker room. Let's give him some respect and privacy. He says he will be there September 9th.  Let's leave him alone till he's not there.

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  • I second that. We newsies are starting (only now?) to look like jerks.

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    Agree wholeheartedly. The thing that truly bothers me about the press and their intrusions is that most of them are not trustworthy or intelligent enough to deal with the information that they get in a fair and timely manner. I hope those who are will forgive my generalization of the profession, but many writers/reporters these days are simply sensationalists who have jobs as journalists. Real journalists refuse to print some things they find because the information is defamatory and ultimately sheds no light on the subject. I'm off the soapbox, sorry for rambling. Just felt that needed to be said.

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