White Sox should honor Magglio Ordonez

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Mag- li -O!! Mag- li -O!!! It was a common chat on the Southside between 1997-2004. Magglio Ordonez announced his retirement recently from Major League Baseball. Ordonez has not been part of the White Sox organization since the end of the 2004 season.  Ozzie Guillen did not have the kindest things to say about him when he left, and he was not part of the 2005 World Series team. Ordonez, though, had a great career with the White Sox.  The White Sox should honor his contributions.

Ordonez signed with the White Sox as a amateur free agent in 1991. Ordonez first appeared with the big league club on August 29, 1997. He played right field for the Sox till 2004 and put up huge offensive numbers. Ordonez's career with the White Sox includes a lifetime .307AVG/.364 OBP/.525 SLG. Magglio played in 1,001 games on the South Side. He collected 1,167 hits, 187 HR's, and a total of 703 RBI's.  With the organization, he ranks 9th in AVG, 5th in HR's, 10th in RBI's, 21st in OBP, 3rd in SLG, and 26th in total games played. In his time spent here, he was a fan favorite.  Between the years of 1999 and 2003,the right handed slugger averaged at least 29 HR's a season and over a 100 RBI's in each season. His average for those seasons was .300 AVG or better ( except in 2004 where he hit .292 AVG).

So now that the man's career is over, how should he be honored? I' m not saying that the Sox should retire his number or build him a statue. Those honors have been reserved for players like Frank Thomas, Harold Baines, Carlton Fisk, and Billy Pierce to name a few. I'm not sure personally if Magglio reached that pinnacle. What they should do is bring him to the field and let him receive the standing ovation he deserves from Sox fans. A Magglio Ordonez Day with a bobble head or a giveaway seems appropriate for #30.

I think he deserves one last chant of Mag- li- O!!!!

What do u think Sox fans? I would love comments or opinions on this topic. Please post on ChicagoNow or via Twitter (@ChiSportsUltd).


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  • At least Ozzie is no longer around to call him a Venezuelan ---------. Takes one to know one.

    However, I don't know, in that IIRC he wasn't real cooperative with respect to his foot injury, which resulted in him being released and going to the Tigers.

    And, as you imply, one is not so sure the Sox would have made the World Series if Mags and Carlos Lee were still on the team in 2005. I don't think anyone is going to have a statue for Joe Crede (as Mully said after his name "hallelujah") or Scotty Pods.

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