"Here comes the Tank", Sox recall Dayan Viciedo

Ozzie Guillen's sarcastic reaction to getting Dayan Viciedo? "Yay, we're in the pennant race!"

Sox fans have called for Dayan Viciedo to be added to the major league roster all year. Ken Williams has said he would certainly make the team look interesting. Ozzie Guillen said he wants him, but where will he play him? Well all the debate is over as Viciedo has been officially recalled on Friday to the big league club after Carlos Quentin goes to the DL. Quentin, who hurt his shoulder on Aug 20, tried to take some swings before Friday's game and is still feeling pain. Quentin will be eligible to come off the DL on Sept.4. Ozzie meet with the media before the start of Friday's game to make the official announcement. With a huge smile on his face, "Now he's coming in town," said Guillen, raising his arms triumphantly in the air. "We're in the pennant race."

Viciedo has played in a 119 games for the Charlotte Knights this year. In 452 at bats he has 134 hits/25 doubles/20 HR/78 RBI's for a .296 AVG/.364 OBP/.856 OPS. Viciedo has been primarily playing right field. Ozzie commented yesterday that he may and try and play Viciedo at 1B. With Paul Konerko still suffering from a knee/calf injury and Adams Dunn's continued poor performance he could help. Ozzie said he wont just throw him over there if he's uncomfortable, but the kid will play everyday now that he is here. Fans will remember earlier in the year Ken Williams wanted to cut Juan Pierre for his poor performance and add Viciedo then. Ozzie stuck by Pierre and he has turned his slow start around paying dividends for the Sox. Many media members and myself believe that Viciedo should have been recalled earlier to take at bats from a struggling Adam Dunn.  Dunn in his first year of a 4yr $56 million dollar contract has been dismal. The past is the past though. The Sox have around one month of baseball left and are currently 7 GB of Detroit. The odds are not in their favor at this point. Hopefully, Viciedo can supply a spark to this offense.

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  • I keep hearing that he is the real deal better that Carlos Quentin and way better than Dunn and they wait til close to September to recall him. Is it because the Sox feel it's over?

  • In reply to Aarreola1003:

    Well first off Quentin has been are second most productive run producer behind Paul Konerko. Quentin is having a very solid year. Dunn has been dismal I'm sure your aware of. Theres a few reasons why he hasn't been called up yet. First theres a service time clock that makes him arbitration eligible sooner. Most teams look to avoid starting the clock so they have financial control longer. Second is Adam Dunn's 4yr $56 million dollar contract. They Sox need him to be productive cause there stuck with him. Finally, till Q went on DL and a refusal to do anything about Dunn there was no spot for him to play everyday. Many wanted Juan Pierre cut, but we see he has turned around a slow start and is on fire. Hope this answers your questions. Check back again for more articles.

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