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Lou Piniella doesn't want to say "rape" but says it anyway (video)

Former Chicago Cubs manager Lou Piniella made a rape reference during a Florida Marlins-Toronto Blue Jays spring training game a couple days ago. If you didn't know, Lou Piniella is now calling games for the YES Network as a color analyst. Lou Piniella didn't want to say "raped," he preferred to say "took a lot of talent from." However, by telling us he doesn't want to say rape, he just did. Yes, Piniella went there. He compared one Major League Baseball team looting another to a person being forced into having sex against his/her will. How awkward and disgusting. As if that isn't bad enough, and I know that's very very very very very very bad, MLB Advanced Media (a term of Orwellian doublespeak as you will ever find) doesn't want you to hear Lou Piniella make his unfortunate rape...analogy? reference? simile? attempt at a very bad/dark joke...

Top 10 Chicago Media Criticisms of 2012

Top 10 Chicago Media Criticisms of 2012
This column started in April, so it's a less than a year old. However, 2012 gave me plenty of people who set themselves up to be criticized. It was a fun 8 months, despite the fact that I've been battling a monstrous illness the entire time I've had this blog. Still, I've done guest radio spots for The Score, CBS radio Cleveland and ESPN Honolulu- all while in a hospital bed hooked up to an IV pole. Things have gotten much better on that front, and continue to get better every day. So hopefully in 2013, I can spend less time in clinic and more time on my work. And I can do more of these. Because the critical columns are fun, and often make new friends, especially among the rival media outlets of those who you just ripped. Or at least it gets you more Twitter followers and Facebook friends among the media in general. But of course, it makes enemies too. A lot of enemies. So without further ado, here were the ten best...

MLB Twitter "breaks" Ryan Dempster trade: EPIC FAIL

This is what happens when you over-centralize your power and resources. When you make a blunder, you being the so-called authority, the fallout is magnified. MLB Advanced Media (perhaps the greatest Orwellian doublespeak that you’ll ever hear) is Major League Baseball’s subsidiary which seeks to control and monopolize baseball related web content. It’s the reason... Read more »