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Harry Teinowitz discussed his ESPN 1000 Firing on 670 The Score

Former WMVP AM 1000 co-host Harry Teinowitz was on WSCR 670 The Score this morning to discuss his dismissal from ESPN. Teinowitz was on with Mac & Spiegs. I typed out some of the highlights of what was said, and if/when The Score posts audio, I will link it. Teinowitz discussed some Bulls and Blackhawks today, but we know the number one discussion topic that drew people in. When pink-slipped, Teinowitz was given that standard corporate/human resources/public relations b.s. “we want to move in another direction.”

He asked why?

“Well, you’ve been here the longest,” he claims they said.


ESPN 1000 fires Harry Teinowitz

(UPDATE: Harry Teinowitz discussed his firing on WSCR 670 The Score today!) The ESPN 1000 afternoon show "Carmen, Jurko and Harry" is sans Harry Teinowitz now, reports Time Out Chicago's Robert Feder, as Harry Teinowitz has been dismissed from WMVP. (Update: ESPN 1000 announces lineup shuffling, including addition of Colin Cowherd) Teinowitz had been with the station since 1998; the ex-stand-up comic previously co-hosted on WMVP's predecessor, the old WLUP, and also served as sports anchor on Danny B. and Johnny B. Harry Teinowitz wasn't told that this would be his last show until after he signed off yesterday. So this break-up appears to be anything but mutual. CJ&H were losing their ratings slot to B&B. WSCR's Boers and Bernstein had a decided advantage in the latest ratings report...