Derrick Rose comeback HYPE needs to settle down!
It's Lent, the season preparing us for the coming resurrection; of Derrick Rose on ??? Jesus Christ on Easter, March 31st. I'm not sure which figure is bigger in Chicago right now, but I'd guess the former. I'm not trying to rip off John Lennon, I'm only trying to help us all in the Second City obtain/maintain some perspective. Now "let he who is without sin cast the first stone," though I have sinned. And this is my confession. Late Friday night, early Saturday morning I posted this article on the site I own/manage:

Chicago Bulls fans, it seems the 2011 league MVP, Derrick Rose, will be playing on Monday night versus the Denver Nuggets. You can see Derrick Rose on the court, not just on pizza boxes. The Bulls moved the telecast of their game with Denver from Comcast SportsNet+ Chicago to Comcast SportsNet Chicago. The Bulls are switching places with the Blackhawks, and when you consider that the Blackhawks have been breaking television ratings records left and right, you know something big has to be happening to bump them down. The news began with Daily Herald Bulls beat reporter Mike McGraw tweeting the broadcast news