NLRB ruling in favor of Kain Colter, CAPA: First Step Towards True Social Justice

NLRB ruling in favor of Kain Colter, CAPA: First Step Towards True Social Justice

Kain Colter and CAPA (College Athletes Players Association) scored a huge victory today, as the National Labor Relations Board ruled in their favor. I'm sure the face of the NCAA, Mark Emmert, has had some better days than today.

Remember when the local media here told us NU's legal team was CRUSHING CAPA's legal team during the hearing?

When they were unfairly smearing Kain Colter?

When they were basically vilifying Colter and mocking his Navy Seals comment? Without actually taking the time to examine the historical credibility behind his statements? When they were basically trying to instill the socially regressive and condescending "just shut up and play, jock" misnomer onto Kain Colter?

Everyone who followed this case knows what specific media members were in bed with the school. I don't need to call anyone out by name specifically. More importantly, you can make up your mind for yourself.

Sportswriters and sports television networks pretending to be labor law experts was just exceedingly brutal to watch.


Pundits and Northwestern/Big Ten shills masquerading as journalists were ubiquitous. Throwing everyone under the bus would be just too time consuming. Instead I pointed out all the people who did good work in covering the NLRB case.

We need MORE Jay Bilases out there!

Here's the complete sinister history behind the phrase "Student-Athletes." Hopefully, that phrase will soon be history. Today is a giant first step.

Of course, this is only the first step. NU quickly issued a statement saying they will appeal the NLRB decision. As expected, the losing side will appeal the case to the Federal level. And this will probably go all the way to the Supreme Court. The NCAA issued their statement too. You just have to love that Donald Remy, America's Sweetheart.

Today, Kain Colter and CAPA proverbially advanced to the sociopolitical Sweet 16. There are many more court battles to be won before Colter and co. can help end the "amateurism" sham and farce that is the lifeblood of the NCAA.


Today's ruling is a great start. Here are some of the best tweets regarding the bring news today.

Tune in tomorrow when I'll be on Game Time with Nick Bahe, KZON 1620 The Zone Omaha (link to listen here). I'll be discussing this ruling and all it's implications at 1:30 PM CST. I'll also be on the same station, "Sharp and Benning in the Morning" at 10:25 AM.CST





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