Derrick Rose can end Bulls Soap Opera and Cold War

Derrick Rose can end Bulls Soap Opera and Cold War

Derrick Rose returns in a couple hours, and with his play he can go back to being the local-kid-done-good-story that everyone in Chicago loves. All those negative feelings in Chicago will be erased if Rose plays as dominant as he has in the preseason.

You won’t have to hear “I hate THIS Derrick Rose,” but don’t hate Derrick Rose anymore. You can put to bed the question of “why didn’t you just tell us Derrick Rose?” Either way, you could have just told us. It certainly took a very long time for us to get a true straight answer regarding why he didn’t return after being medically cleared to do so.

Tonight is a night for healing. It’s all about his play, and putting all these bad feelings to bed. It’s Derrick Rose being Derrick Rose; not Derrick Rose secretly having the strings pulled behind the curtain by Reggie Rose. Or Adidas.

Or the combined secret cabal of the Mafia, Hip-hop industry, Skull and Bones, Free-Masons, Stone-Cutters, League of Women Voters, U.S. Naval Reserve, BlogHer Convention, NAMBLA and Crab People that joined forces to keep Derrick Rose from playing NBA basketball after being cleared by team doctors in March.

ESPN Analyst and former Chicago Bulls Coach Doug Collins answered my questions about how long it will take Chicago and Derrick Rose to come together.

“There’s a lot of noise now out there, that as a player and all, as a coach, you got to try to stay away from,” Collins said.

“And, I think Derrick knows all the things that were said.  He got hurt in the game where we played him in the playoffs. I saw him come down, and I saw him get hurt.  I knew what he had done because I had torn my anterior cruciate.  I could tell from the injury”

Just don’t read too much into the performance of Derrick Rose and the Chicago Bulls tonight. NBA ring nights don’t mean all that much, as the returning champions often don’t actually try in those games. It happened two years ago, when the Derrick Rose and the Bulls beat the Heat by 42 points on ring night.

“But the most important thing to me is the respect you have in that locker room of your teammates and of your coaches.  And to me everything else follows,” Collins said.


“I don’t think there’s any question that Derrick Rose is incredibly respected by his teammates and by his coaches and by everybody that’s involved.  So to me that’s the most important thing.  So a big part of being a championship team now, I give Miami a lot of credit, is being able to sort through all that kind of nonsense, put it behind you and not let it interfere with the task at hand and for the Chicago Bulls that’s winning a championship.”

VP John Paxson said today that there will be no limitations on minutes for Derrick Rose.


There’s a legitimate rift between the Chicago Bulls coaching staff, and the Chicago Bulls front office. 

NBA analyst for Yahoo! Adrian Wojnarowski

Derrick Rose demonstrated the truest antidote for the franchise’s dysfunction. Ball in his hands, blur on the floor, Rose tethers enemies to the common cause of the championship chase.

With so much distrust and downright disdain between the Chicago Bulls front office and coach, the ripples of Rose’s resounding return on Saturday night ought to remind general manager Gar Forman and coach Tom Thibodeau of the stakes of surviving the organization’s power struggle.

Between Forman and Thibodeau the disconnect is deep, but Rose’s reconstructed knee could be a powerful agent of reconciliation.


Obviously, winning heals all and with Derrick Rose in the mix, they should be winners. As long as you’re a Bull and you “Do. Your. Job.” As Coach Tom Thibodeau would say.

After all, the Chicago Bulls “Situation Room” has had to do damage control on the D. Rose situation for so long that having their biggest problem/distraction turn into their best advantage could turn things right around.

All parties involved: the Chicago Bulls, Derrick Rose, Reggie Rose, Adidas etc. handled that situation about as poorly as one could. And the storyline nauseated all of us. However, all is forgiven once he steps out on that floor and dominates a NBA regular season game like he used to. Maybe Gar and Thibs will forgive each other as well.

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