Watch this and Feel MUCH Better about Twitter Trolls and HATE Comments

I was just talking about this exact topic Friday night before this originally aired.

Why is there so much hate in America today?

Or at least why is so much hate expressed online? And why by SO MANY IDIOTS? Who can’t even COMPREHEND BASIC FACTS?????

Then I saw the Salinger documentary which does a fantastic job exploring how insane people consume and then react to media products before them. You then understand why J.D. Salinger was a recluse somewhat, given the way so many of his “fans” interpret his work.

I have the same problem.

I’m no media mogul by any means, but I’m enough of a public personality (or at least insane people think so) that in the past two months I’ve been told I hope you die by fans of: South Carolina, Ohio State, Penn State, Notre Dame and Michigan.

I was told “I hope you’re the next person to die in a terrorist attack” on 9/11/13.

I’ve had freakshows spend hours pouring through my Facebook photos and writing archives looking for anything they could to attack me personally. Not professionally, but personally. Rip me professionally- that’s above aboard. Personally? Well, that’s never justified in any situation.

Before seeing this Bill Maher segment I often thought to myself, “of course I get this stuff, my writing style is acerbic and irreverent, I’m very opinionated. Sometimes I break news before anyone else believes it. This always happens to people who state the facts first; before the masses accept those facts.”

Now after seeing this Real Time with Bill Maher “New Rules” video, I know that I am not unique or special.

It’s everyone with a Twitter account; or comment section attached to what they published online. Hate is expressed everywhere and everybody who has even the slightest bit of a public profile has already been, or soon will be victimized by nutjob malcontents with way too much time on their hands.

Also, language is this video is not safe for work. And if you don’t like Maher’s politics that’s totally fine- this video is pretty much apolitical:

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