Ranking Chicago Sports Teams Web Traffic via Alexa

Ranking Chicago Sports Teams Web Traffic via Alexa

Remember a few months ago when I ranked all the Chicago college and professional teams by followers for their official Twitter accounts? Well, here it is again, if you want to re-visit. And today, I bring you the sequel. Ranking those same programs and franchises by web traffic.

The metric? Alexa.com, a site owned by Amazon. There are other web traffic rankings sites, but Alexa may be the most reliable. And they’re not that entirely reliable either. If you install the Alexa toolbar in your browser, the site you run will see it’s rankings surge. Somehow Alexa figures that out.

But the toolbar is really cool, because if you have it, you automatically the see traffic ranking of EVERY site you go to. The Alexa ranking is a 3-month global measurement. And next to the worldwide ranking, you’ll see the website’s ranking in the nation it’s based.

And you can check the profile in depth on their home page too

Worldwide number first, domestic number in parentheses

1. MLB  #375 (#105) Unfortunately, baseball doesn’t break down the Cubs and White Sox separately.

2. Alexa ranks top level domains only. Unfortunately, all NBA teams are grouped together, so we don’t know where the Chicago Bulls rank.

NBA comes up at #632 (542 in America)

3. NHL #1,598 (678)

4. University of Illinois Fighting Illini  #13, 423 (1,991)

5. Chicago Now #13,748 (2,734)

I was very curious, I had to look this up. Some global #s for CN

India 23,166
Canada 11,601
Pakistan 8,451
United Kingdom 32,345
Philippines 8,795
Australia 20,379
Mexico 30,526
Nigeria 11,340

6. Bears 25,738 (3,239) FINALLY a league that segments its domains by individual team sites.

By contrast the Packers are 20, 453 (2,552) Patriots check in at 25,379 (3,692)

7. The Sports Bank.Net  106,726 (25,054)

Again had to look

India 160,562
Australia 38,852
United Kingdom 133,572

8. Chicago Fire 209, 810 (52, 712)

9. Northwestern 267,083 (55,255)

Some Big Ten comparisons for NU and UI

Nebraska 113,996 (13,164)

Ohio State 6,799 (1,805)

Wisconsin 179,631 (28,310)

Iowa 278,245 (51, 345)

Michigan State 69,984 (11, 365)

11. DePaul 1,239, 876 (NA)

11. Chicago Wolves 1,268, 765 (NA)

Paul M. Banks is the owner of The Sports Bank.net, an affiliate of Fox Sports. An analyst for 95.7 The Fan, he also writes on Chicago sports media for Chicago Now. Follow him on Twitter  (@paulmbanks)

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