Chicago Bears SNF Broadcast: notes, quotes and preview

Chicago Bears SNF Broadcast: notes, quotes and preview

Every week, NBC (and CBS does this a lot too) mails out a press release that is essentially nothing else but “hey, we have a football game on this weekend!” Usually whenever I see these “hey, watch our football game!” emails I immediately hit the delete button. However, Chicago Bears versus Pittsburgh Steelers is on Sunday Night Football this week.

Therefore, I actually looked through this product-promotion-disguised-as-news mass mailing to see if there’s anything you might care about. I found a few nuggets and tidbits worth sharing.

And don’t get me started about NBC and ESPN (or Comcast SportsNet or Fox Sports..okay pretty much everybody) with their self-congratulatory press releases about record ratings, or "winning the night." Bad as these are, by comparison, these mailings are an absolute joy compared to press releases on web site traffic statistics. Or the ticket sales press releases that teams send out.

Memo to teams, it's not our jobs to sell your tickets. Memo to media companies, why would we promote your site to send traffic away from own websites?

"WGAS Radio is on the air!"

Well, let’s move on to the Chicago Bears broadcast notes before I bore you to death.

SPREAD: Bears -2.5

TV: NBC Cris Collinsworth, Al Michaels, Michelle Tafoya 7:30 CDT

Hashtags: #Bears #SNF #NFLonNBC #CHIvsPit

-Obviously we need to address the primary Chicago Bears national mass media topic of the day. As you know, the Jay Cutler guest star episode of “The League” was last night. It began with a man talking to another man at the urinal, at a high end Chicago restaurant on the Near North side. Knowing that Cutler was going to be on this episode of the FXX sitcom, I kind of thought  they might be going a certain place with this.

They did not. However, they had some good overt sex jokes (my review of the episode)


-Given that it's SNF, we get the treat of the Carrie Underwood introduction video.

-The Football Night in America team Dan Patrick, Tony Dungy and Rodney Harrison preview Chicago Bears versus Steelers.

-Harrison on the Steelers – “They have to run the ball. Big Ben holds the ball too long. When you hold the ball too long, and you don’t have great offensive linemen, bad things happen.”

Of course, take anything Rodney says with a grain of salt because he also said (according to WSCR Boers and Bernstein this week) that Johnny Manziel will be a top five pick in the NFL Draft. So yeah, I would love to see how Rodney's mock draft does.

-Dungy on the Chicago Bears – “The big improvement I have seen is their offense is getting some plays out of their tight end. Martellus Bennett has helped take some pressure off of Brandon Marshall and make some big plays.”

Of course, Dungy is the NBC equivalent of Jon Gruden, everything is positive. Everybody is good. Never a discouraging word is heard. To Gruden's credit, he's said on conference call that he's well aware of people criticizing him for being too positive all the time. It would be good if Dungy did the same.

-Chicago Bears visiting the Pittsburgh Steelers will see Al Michaels at the microphone for his 25th primetime Steelers game in Pittsburgh. The Steelers are the seventh NFL team to host at least 25 primetime games called by Michaels.

-For my game preview and prediction

-Finally, the Chicago sports media topic of the day is obviously the Twitter feud between Rafer Weigel and Laurence Holmes. And it appears Chet Coppock and Chuck Swirsky got involved too. I'm not qualified to comment on it. I was not there and didn't see what happened. The only thing I will is say this: Chicago teams are VERY limited and RESTRICTIVE with access, so there's always extreme competition for one-on-ones and interviews in general. And the Chicago Bears are probably the most restrictive of all.

If the teams were more open and relaxed, then these things probably wouldn't happen.

Of course, the Chicago Bears have the most consumer demand, and therefore the most media demand, so I see we're they're coming from. Sort of.

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