Media Notebook: Sharknado, The Score, Jay Mariotti, Hub Arkush

Pro Football Weekly may have folded, but Hub Arkush is still going strong. You can hear him on 670 The Score, and he’s going to be doing some work now for the Chicago Sun-Times. By the way, I still never bought that excuse about the NFL lockout being the cause of PFW’s demise. The lockout cost us the Hall of Fame preseason exhibition, OTAs and mini-camp. It terminated one preseason game of one season; and no real games. I don’t have the books, so I can’t say, but really that makes no sense. I don’t get it.

-Speaking of the Sun-Times, their most polarizing alum, and everyone’s favorite villain, Jay Mariotti is back. An open letter from Jay himself reads:

I’m excited to launch a multimedia production that I believe will be the next digital prototype for sports commentators and columnists. Welcome to The Mariotti Show, a cross-platform Web presentation ( featuring live streaming of my daily radio program — Monday through Friday, noon to 3 p.m. ET — wrapped around my long-form columns, quick-cycle takes, breaking stories, videos, audience interaction and other 24/7 content from someone who has done it all and seen it all in sports media.

Humble, reserved and grounded as always, Jay! #YouStayClassy

-Haha. The picture leading this post is exactly how I feel when I look at Urban Meyer. It includes  Northwestern University Director of Digital and Social Communications Doug Meffley. He’s also the voice of the Chicago Bandits. It was taken while the Ohio State Buckeyes Coach was at the podium during Big Ten Media Days a couple weeks ago at the Hilton Towers. Meffley was moderating Q&A.

And it’s led to a series of hilarious memes, which you can view in this post’s photo gallery. According to Meffley:

“while these memes are hilarious, in no way was I ‘unimpressed’ with what Coach Meyer was saying. I saw the photographer (Nick Brilowski) taking shots to the right of the stage and made eye contact just as he took this one.”

-And that’s what spawned the take-off of the "McKayla Maroney is not impressed" memes.

-Well I myself am personally unimpressed with Urban Meyer. Especially since all of these players were arrested during his time as coach at Florida, and his list of player arrests is getting pretty significant at Ohio State too. At Big Ten Media Day, 12/14 questions he faced were about arrests, sanctions, off-the-field issues etc. Here are the highlights.

-From OSU we now move to their arch-rival. Frank Beckmann, the voice of University of Michigan Wolverines Football has announced his retirement at the end of this 2013 football season. Beckmann began calling play-by-play for the Wolverines in 1981. He is only the second person to handle play-by-play duties for the flagship network broadcast of Michigan football in the past 65 years.

-A graphic ranking the total number of Twitter followers for assorted 670 The Score personalities. As you can see, Dan Bernstein has a very resounding lead in this category. However, Laurence Holmes is coming on strong too. I recommend you follow all these men. The original tweet comes from Herb Lawrence, also a good follow.


-The Bleacher Report ranked Huskie Stadium as the toughest place for an opposing team to come away with a victory today. The ranking was based on the home records of every FBS team over the past four years (2009-12). NIU has won a nation’s best 21-straight games at Huskie Stadium, dating back to 2009. The last NIU loss at home came Sept. 26, 2009 to Idaho. Neutral site venues were not taken into account.

-College football award watch lists?? I dooonnn’t caaarrrre. No one else does either. They are the most pointless press releases ever. SIDs hate them as much as journalists do. Why does the Football Writers Association of America even waste our time with these stupid lists? All of them are so long that basically if you’re a starter on your college football team, and an upperclassman, CONGRATULATIONS! You’ve made the list. It’s biggest “participation trophy” ever. And the only media who write about this garbage are lazy hacks who’d rather just copy and paste University Communications Department talking points instead of actually coming up with real stories.

-If you have a drinking game for Brian Kelly press conferences, and for your sake, I really hope that your life is fulfilling enough that you don’t, your trigger phrase is “day to day basis.” At his season opening Notre Dame presser, Kelly dropped “day to day basis” 8 times.

-Some really dedicated NU fan, there aren’t that many, but there are some, made this Venric Mark highlight video mashed up with clips of Sharknado. It’s the “Marknado.” Venric doesn’t like the idea of Marknado becoming his nickname, but he appreciates the fact that someone took the time to make that video.

“It’s greatly appreciated, but I prefer ‘Little General’ that’s what my teammates call me. But it’s a great gesture, Kain loves it, and we just have fun with it,” Mark said.

He has not actually seen Sharknado, neither has NU QB Kain Colter, but both get a kick of out of the Marknado video.

“I have watched Shark Week before, but it's not really my style. I’m more of a Breaking Bad, Prison Break shows like that, kind of guy,” Venric said.

“He doesn’t like the nickname, but I think it fits perfectly,” Colter said.

“He (Venric) brought it (the Marknado) up to me and we watched it at Media Day, it was a little corny, but I think he loves the nickname,” he continued.

Paul M. Banks is the owner of The Sports, a Fox Sports affiliate. He is also an analyst for 95.7 The Fan, and writes on Chicago sports media for Chicago Now. President Obama follows his Twitter account (@PaulMBanks)

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