Matt Garza gets ANGRY, Misogynist on Social Media

Matt Garza gets ANGRY, Misogynist on Social Media

(UPDATE: Garza sort of apologizes):  "I appreciate the love baseball fans, sorry I let my competitive edge out, guess people thought athletes don't care. Don't like me don't follow."

If 1967 was the "Summer of Love," 1977 the "Summer of Sam" and 2001 the "Summer of the Shark," we still need a nickname for 2013. I'll suggest "Summer of Cubs Twitter Idiocy."

Dave Sappelt, Ian Stewart and now Matt Garza.

Ok, that's admittedly a bit of a stretch.

Sappy Sappelt did his terrible 1950s era women drivers' comedy routine on Twitter in the preseason, Stewart was not with the parent club when he had his pity party melt down, and Matt Garza is a couple weeks removed from the Chicago Cubs now. Still his Twitter rant makes himself a prime candidate for future sensitivity training. And a social media apology.

So I guess we can call this the "Year of Very Recent Cubs Making Social Media Missteps." Which is nowhere near as catchy.

Matt Garza is the latest to do something that will inevitably spur the "My Twitter account was hacked" excuse later. Let's take a look at what exactly went down. This happened just hours ago. The tweets of Matt Garza are protected, and I don't have access. Luckily, "The Outside Corner" does.

TOC is part of the Bloguin and Yardbarker Networks, and they screen capped Garza for the whole word to see.


Sure, there are times in life when you need to "Man Up" (CC "The Book of Mormon") and boldly speak your mind.

However, you can do it without also sounding sexist, or stuck in 1954 when it comes to gender relations. I have a lot of female friends who work in this business, and their industry standard "go back in the kitchen" type hate mail and socially regressive malcontent commenters sound a bit like Garza in these tweets.

So what is this situation all about? We're mystified.

Even more unexplainable is the reason to air these grievances in public? If Matt Garza believes this situation is none of our business, that's fine. However, he effectively made it all of our business when he expressed his concerns on a public forum. Again The Outside Corner offers as reasonable an explanation as you'll find. They do a good job breaking down the baseball minutia that may behind this Twitter rant.

And Matt Garza wasn't done last night. While he sounded as politically correct as Eric Cartman above, he sounds as gangsta as Tupac Shakur going off on Biggee Smalls in the tweet below:



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