Sharknado prompts San Jose Sharks to ZING ESPN! Fox Sports 1 jumps in

Sharknado prompts San Jose Sharks to ZING ESPN! Fox Sports 1 jumps in

As we're in the midst of the summer lull, no football, hockey or basketball, it's amazing what I'm finding to write about. Last summer we had the Olympics. The year before that, the Women's World Cup helped fill the gap of July boredom. This year...

...neither the Chicago Cubs nor the Chicago White Sox are playing actual Major League Baseball this year, so like many Chicagoans, I’m on #BaseballHiatus. And this isn't summer 2012 or 2011, when I had Hope Solo on my television every other day.

Therefore, Enter Sharknado. What is Sharknado? It’s like “Deep Blue Sea” only much less watchable and way dumbed down. Oh and Tara Reid is the star of the SyFy “film.” Both Sharknado and Tara Reid inspired approximately 4.7 million Twitter jokes Thursday night.

And it prompted whoever works The Evil Empire’s Twitter account to take a little swipe at the NHL’s San Jose Sharks. The hockey team fired back at the DeathStar for their lack of hockey coverage. Of course, there’s so little hockey coverage on ESPN! Because hockey doesn’t have any broadcast deals with ESPN! Bristol doesn’t cover sports they don't also make money off broadcasting.

The Sharks took exception.


While ESPN is way too busy giving you wall-to-wall Tim Tebow and Lebron James coverage, Fox Sports 1 launches Aug 17th. Here’s the promo video for the network featuring Alex Morgan. FOX Sports 1 is the new multi-sport cable network blasting into 90 million homes. One of the Fox Sports 1 anchors, Jay Onrait, threw his hat into the Sharknado smack ring on Twitter.

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