Jay Cutler shows "softer side" on Access Hollywood

If you flipped on WMAQ Channel 5 today, you might have noticed Chicago Bears QB Jay Cutler appearing on the NBC program “Access Hollywood Live.” Rightfully, or wrongfully, Jay Cutler has a public reputation for being surly, aloof, condescending and rude. These are all traits I actually find extremely admirable by the way. (Not being sarcastic) I actually hope to exhibit these four traits with more consistency in my interpersonal relations. In my writing, I think I've done more than enough of that already.

Cutler’s appearance today on Access Hollywood, alongside wife Kristin Cavallari was partially to promote their Big ’80s party they’re throwing at Joe’s on Weed St. Thursday. The charity event, and maybe today’s guest spot, will hopefully change Cutler’s public image from surly to cuddly. Maybe. Or maybe we don’t care about this morning's obvious Image CPR. Maybe we actually like him the way he is now.

Nevertheless, Kristin Cavallari presented a different side of “Cutty.”

“He’s the best, from day one he changed diapers, there’s nothing sexier than a great dad,” Kristin Cavallari said about big JC's fatherhood.

They just got married June 8th. Some of their wedding details include southern drinks out of mason jars and shredded pork tacos.

Cavallari also talked about Jay seeing her boobs once while she was breastfeeding the baby. So in the Jay Cutler public image scale, you have this “Domestic Jay” juxtaposed against:

-The Jay Cutler “don’t care” bathroom story.

-The Cutler walking KristinCav’s little dog middle finger story.

Well, maybe we prefer the Cutler who's portrayed in that light. This show, co-hosted by sports media veteran superstar Michelle Beadle, had a lot of questions that you just  doooooooooooooon’t caaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrre” about. It was a program clearly geared toward bored housewives at home. Not sports fans. Although we still had this:

“They’re putting together a dynasty,” Cutler said of the Blackhawks.

However, most of the show was just noise about who’s better with personal finance, who had more past boyfriends/girlfriends, Laguna Beach etc. But Kudos to Jay to for showing more of his human side today. Cutler was more animated and wittier on AH today than we're used to seeing him in press conferences.  All in all, I'd say Cutler won a few hearts and minds. I think we saw him as more of a person and less of a cartoon character. Cutler became more "Cutty."

Good job.

For the Kristin Cavallari bikini photo gallery.

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