Meet the new Chicago Bears and Bulls Expert for 95.7 The Fan

Meet the new Chicago Bears and Bulls Expert for 95.7 The Fan

I don’t do much personal “blogging” here.

It’s just not what this specific website is about.

I’ve only had three previous posts of that nature in the 15 months I’ve been doing this. The first was an announcement I was going to be on the History Channel, the second was a shout-out to everyone from Chicago Now who sent me get well soon cards when I was hospitalized for a month, and the third was my victory lap with all the links to all the national media outlets that followed my lead when I broke the Susannah Collins story. Hey, it's not everyday you get to blow up a journalism DeathStar. When you have the top secret location of the nuclear reactor and the firepower for a direct hit- you can't be trigger-shy.

Anyway, here’s the fourth post.

chicago-bears-jay cutler

You never know who’s reading you.

And what might come of it. Remember my essay about how Notre Dame basketball elicits a “doooooon’t caaaaaaaarrreeee” (CC Jay Cutler) from just about everybody?

Well, Craig Williams from 95.7 The Fan in South Bend got in touch with me and invited me on his sport talk radio show to discuss it. Then I did a few more guest spots on "Ragz and the Bartender" in the morning and here we are now:


Well, actually, here's something you doooooooooooo caaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaare about:

Starting July 25th, I’m going to be their weekly Chicago Bears expert.

I’ll probably cover the Big Ten (Northwestern and Illinois) and Notre Dame too. It is South Bend, so there will always be Fighting Irish talk. I’ll probably be a part of the ND football pregame shows once in awhile too. And some Chicago Bulls discussion once basketball season gets here. But the focus will be the Chicago Bears.

95.7 the Fan is your place to hear Chicago Bears football, Chicago Bulls basketball and Chicago White Sox baseball live on the air in Michiana. It's Michiana's best sports talk radio station.


Craig Williams breaks it down:

"95.7 The Fan is South Bend’s ONLY 24 hr Sports station.

We “Ragz & the Bartender”, have had Peggy Kusinski, Mike North, Len Kasper, Chuck Swirsky, Jarrett Payton, Bruce Miles all as regular guests from the Chicago area. We cover local sports, including, of course, Notre Dame like no other and don’t shy away from the “unpopular” view to being what we feel is unbiased, thought-provoking radio our listeners are used to and deserve. Our buddy, Paul Banks, fits right into that with articles and commentary that keep our followers wanting more.”

I begin the morning of Big Ten football media day, Thursday July 25th. From there on, I’ll be on every Friday morning, and then possibly every Friday and Monday once the season starts. In the meantime, maybe I'll see you around Chicago Bears Training Camp in "Bearbonnais." Or maybe you'll run into Jay Cutler at a public restroom, and you'll make the mistake of fawning all over him, and he'll be surly to you in response.

Which is likely the same thing I'd do to you. In that situation.

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