CSN Re-Airing Blackhawks Championship Run; Better than Live Baseball

CSN Re-Airing Blackhawks Championship Run; Better than Live Baseball

The Chicago Blackhawks championship run is over. So, who’s ready to proceed full speed ahead to Cubs and White Sox season?


Chicago baseball apathy is at record setting levels. So I think it’s pretty smart what Comcast SportsNet Chicago is doing. They’re re-airing all the top moments from the Hawks championship moments this summer. Therefore, at least you have something to watch this summer. CSN Chicago is also airing live Cubs and White Sox games too; for reasons I just cannot fathom.

Did you see the crowd at the White Sox game tonight on the television?

They must have had 8 maybe 9,000 people there. Pathetic!

Remember that stupid color-coded terrorist warning system? It was a meaningless charade ripped off from the old Defcon system and re-installed for supposed terrorist threats by former Director of Homeland Security Tom Ridge. It only stayed at red or orange, the two “scariest” levels, the entire time and never moved down to blue or green. If you applied the complete farcical five color levels to Chicago Baseball measurements of “dooooooooooonnnnnn’ttttt caaaaaaarrrrrreeee,” we hit red during the crosstown series after Memorial Day.

Right now, we’re OFF THE CHARTS.

People will break into your house to give you White Sox tickets. The only headlines to pay attention to this baseball season are the trades between now and the deadline on July 31st. So I’d much rather watch a replay of a past  hockey game right now than a live baseball game. I’m excited to re-live some of the greatest Stanley Cup moments from 2013 on CSN Chicago.

However, “Chelsea Dagger” by the Fratellis is still one of the dumbest and most awful songs in the history of music; and it’s actually a song about doing cocaine with a prostitute. I've tried dumbing myself down enough to appreciate that horrible excuse for a song, at least on an ironic level, as kitsch, or a cautionary example. But that song is just tooooooooooooooooooo horrific and simplistic for words. Anyone who knows two chords could play that crapola. I just can't do it.

Well, who cares?? A real sport begins soon enough as Big Ten football media day is just 22 days away. Chicago Bears training camp opens in 24 days.

Anyways, here’s the actual reason you clicked on to this post in the first place. If anyone, other than my mother or my girlfriend, does actually click on this post. Everyone has already left work for the 4th of July holiday, so no one is online right now.

Here’s the replay schedule:

Sunday, July 14

1:30 PM – Conference Quarterfinals-Game 1: Minnesota at Blackhawks (2-1 OT win — Bickell scores game-winner)

4:00 PM – Conference Quarterfinals-Game 2: Minnesota at Blackhawks (5-2 win — two goals from Sharpie)

7:00 PM – Conference Quarterfinals-Game 4: Blackhawks at Minnesota (3-0 win — Craw 25 saves in shutout, two more goals from Sharp)

10:30 PM – Conference Quarterfinals-Game 5: Minnesota at Blackhawks (5-1 series-clinching win — two goals from Hossa)

Monday, July 15

10:00 AM – Conference Semifinals-Game 1: Detroit at Blackhawks (4-1 win — goals from Hossa, Oduya, Kruger & Sharp)

12:30 PM – Conference Semifinals-Game 5: Detroit at Blackhawks (4-1 win — down 3-1 in the series, Blackhawks storm back with two goals from Shawzer; Craw 25 saves)

3:00 PM – Conference Semifinals-Game 6: Blackhawks at Detroit (4-3 win — down 3-1 in this game, comeback continues with three third period goals coming from Handzus, Bickell & Frolik’s penalty shot game-winner)

7:00 PM – Conference Semifinals-Game 7: Detroit at Blackhawks (2-1 OT series-clinching win — comeback completed by Seab's series-winning shot in OT)

Tuesday, July 16

10:00 AM – Conference Finals-Game 1: Los Angeles at Blackhawks (2-1 win — back-to-back goals from Sharpie/Hoss)

12:30 PM – Conference Finals-Game 2: Los Angeles at Blackhawks (4-2 win — Shaw, Seabs, Bicks & I don't what Handzus' nickname is, if he even has one, all score)

3:00 PM – Conference Finals-Game 4: Blackhawks at Los Angeles (3-2 win — down 2-1 in this game, Kaner ties it late in the 2nd period, while Hossa gets the game-winner early in the 3rd)

7:00 PM – Conference Finals-Game 5: Los Angeles at Blackhawks (4-3 double-OT series-clinching win — Kaner’s 2nd goal of the game at 16:08 in the 3rd gave the Blackhawks the lead, but not before the Kings tied with :10 left in regulation. This was the “Hat Trick” Kane gamel)

Wednesday, July 17

10:00 AM – Stanley Cup Final-Game 1: (4-3 triple-OT win)

12:30 PM – Stanley Cup Final-Game 2: (2-1 OT loss — Sharp’s 9th goal of the playoffs wasn’t enough)

3:00 PM – Stanley Cup Final-Game 3: (2-0 loss — Boston’s Tuukka Rask with 28 stops for the win)

7:00 PM – Stanley Cup Final-Game 4: (6-5 OT win — high-scoring game featured goals from Handzus, Tazer, Kaner and Kruger)

Thursday, July 18

3:00 PM – Stanley Cup Final-Game 5: (3-1 win — featured a pair of goals from Kaner; Craw with 24 big saves in this one)

7:00 PM – Stanley Cup Final-Game 6: (3-2 win…the clincher. Kaner wins Conn Smythe Trophy

10:30 PM – Chicago 2013 Stanley Cup Championship Parade & Rally

All times are Central Time

Schedule Subject to Change

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