Q101 Tweets Rape Joke During Stanley Cup Final

Q101 Tweets Rape Joke During Stanley Cup Final

Chicago alternative radio station Q101 made a rape joke during game 3 of the Stanley Cup Final between the Chicago Blackhawks and Boston Bruins. Now for $1,000 guess the medium in which Q101 made this horrible insensitive gaffe...

...Twitter?? Correct!!!

Tell Q101 what they’ve just won: lots of listeners lost, a deeply offended audience, corporate sponsors aghast (they might bail too possibly), a public relations nightmare, an inevitable upcoming public apology, and maybe even a fired social media manager.

Didn’t we learn from the film Borat that rape jokes aren’t ok? Well, it has been 8 years since that movie came out. Didn’t WE JUST LEARN, in this exact NHL postseason, that tweeting sexual assault jokes during hockey games isn't cool?

The LA Kings Twitter account just made that mistake a few weeks ago when they let a local shock jock sports talk radio guy take over their Twitter feed for a period of a Stanley Cup Playoff game.

The original Q101 tweet is now gone. However, it was captured in responses by many outraged Chicagoans and Blackhawks fans. The likes of which include RedEye contributor and “Current liker of puppies” (according to his Twitter bio) Matt Lindner. Blogger Brian Yarvual rightfully took Q101 to task as well. Watch what a terrible job Q101 does in trying to justify it

That's all the Q101 tweet said "Raped basically." And although they deleted it, they still explained the tweet as being in reference to the hockey game. They did not apologize or show any remorse. Q101 just went back to tweeting lots of "Go Hawks" and similar sports sloganeering.

But in quick time Q101 did apologize. Tweeting within a reasonable time frame:


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