Johnny Oduya Sports Nutz Video Emerges Today!

Johnny Oduya Sports Nutz Video Emerges Today!

Lost Sports Nutz from February 2010. This video is from the 2010 Winter Olympics, but it wasn’t published until today June 25th, 2013. It features of course, Susannah Collins and Samantha Raddock. And it’s a tribute to Stanley Cup champion and Sports Nutz favorite, Johnny Oduya.

As this video just went live on YouTube, I’m guessing we might be the first outlet to publish this.

Celebrate the Chicago Blackhawks championship with this tribute to Johnny Oduya, who contributed a +12 in +/- this and 12 points during the Blackhawks regular season.  In this video, once again Susannah Collins plays the more prudish counterpart to Samantha Raddock the wild, promiscuous character. Raddock’s hilarious song at the end is worth the price of admission by itself.

Of course, it’s worth it, watching this is free!  Anyway, it’s still really funny. And since the Hawks won it all, we can now put to bed that "Curse of Susannah" nonsense on Chicagoan social media.

For more Samantha Raddock career information, consult her IMDB page.

Exclusive with Sports Nutz co-host Sam Raddock

Exclusive with Sports Nutz co-host Susannah Collins

Exclusive with Sports Nutz creator Jimmy Chairman

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