Fox, CBS Host Mateen Cleaves talks Derrick Rose, Bulls (Exclusive)

Fox, CBS Host Mateen Cleaves talks Derrick Rose, Bulls (Exclusive)

Mateen Cleaves, a first round NBA draft pick is presently a sports commentator for CBS Sports Network’s “Inside College Basketball” and Fox Sports “Detroit’s Pistons Live.” Additionally, the former Pistons lottery pick hosts SiriusXM Radio’s sports talk shows “College Sports Today” and “NBA Off the Dribble.” Inducted into the Michigan Sports Hall of Fame in 2013, Mateen Cleaves was also selected by the NCAA as one of the top players in its 75 year history.

The Michigan State University legend hosted the Mid-Michigan Spartans’ 14th annual charity golf challenge, raising funds to benefit the Boys and Girls Club of Lansing. Throughout the past 13 years, the charity event has generated approximately $500,000 in revenue to support children in the greater Lansing community and to provide deserving students scholarships to MSU. Cleaves is working with Steve Smith and other Michigan State players for a great cause; helping kids and providing education for the University.

“I’m really excited about it, excited to help out anyway I can,” Mateen said.

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Paul M. Banks: Tell me about your work with CBS Sports, Fox Sports Detroit and Sirius XM

Mateen Cleaves: I am lucky, all three are great work environments. They make it easy for me. I know how it is to be part of a winning team, I won championships in high school, college, and I had an opportunity in the NBA, we almost won one with the Sacramento Kings. And with all three I get that same feeling, being a part of a winning team. From the producers to the higher-ups in the companies, they just make it easy for us.

Paul M. Banks: What do you think the Chicago Bulls will do on Draft night?

Mateen Cleaves: They have a good base and a lot of talent coming back next year. I think they’ll go best player available. They don’t have to make many changes, because of the success they’ve had; even without one of the top players playing for them. Very well coached team, they’ll go for the best talent available

Paul M. Banks: How do you like the Bulls chances of getting past the Pacers and later the Heat next year?

Mateen Cleaves: Any time you have Derrick Rose on the floor, you have a chance to win any given series. The Pacers will be better next year, and they’ll be more confident. We know how great the Heat are, but whenever you have Derrick Rose out there, you always have a chance.

Paul M. Banks: What did you think of the Derrick Rose situation? And how the Bulls and Derrick Rose handled that?

Mateen Cleaves: I think Derrick Rose did exactly what he was supposed to. There was no need to rush back. If he would have gone out there and hurt his knee again, they would have said why did he rush back? And if he would have gone out there without confidence, then he wouldn’t have played well. People tend to say that when a player does things like that, he’s selfish. No, he’s not selfish, he’s got a family to take care of.

He might not want his kids’ kids’ kids’ kids’ kids to have to work. He’s got a chance to not only to continue to play and win championships, but also have a chance to have a ton of money and put his family in a great place. So when he comes back next year and has a great year, nobody will even talk about that.

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