Chicago Bulls Dominant! Ranking Local Sports Team Twitter Presence

I don’t have a lot of Twitter followers, but there are two professional sports teams among my group. And with that designation, they get to enjoy my substantial stream of funny Patrick Kane pictures and hilarious Jay Cutler memes. These two teams are the Chicago Bulls, and their arch-rival the Detroit Pistons. (Keep your enemies close, right?)

Coincidentally, the Chicago Bulls have a dominant advantage in Twitter presence among local sports franchises. I listed and ranked them all by number of Twitter followers; as of June 29th, 2013, late afternoon. The Bulls lead the Blackhawks by an overwhelming margin. And then there’s a big drop-off to the Bears, Cubs, White Sox, Fire and Wolves. Therefore, other local sports teams, maybe you should take a lesson from the Bulls and follow me? (@paulmbanks)

"I’m just Kidding like Jason. Unless you're gonna do it." CC Nelly.

There are just two major college athletic programs that follows me. Marquette and Illinois. Coincidentally, the alma maters of myself and David Kmiecik, The Sports Bank's second major writer.

Northwestern? Hello, where are you guys?

Well, maybe there really isn’t any rhyme or reason to the follow/defollow/unfollow/follow back world is there? That’s arbitrary and up for debate. However, numbers don’t lie. And I parsed the numbers for you, with all official accounts linked (so you can easily find each team account).

I also show you how each Chicago team stacks up against the biggest franchise names in their respective leagues.

1. Bulls

Tweets: 21, 494   Following: 6,857  Followers: 885,738

I’ve always said that the NBA was the first, and overall best league at leveraging the power of Twitter. The NBA is a team sport, but no league has bigger individual brands. Twitter is made for large individual personalities, and the marketing of those giant personalities. The Bulls have a lot more followers than the rival Pistons (about 160K), but the Lakers have about 3.2 million, Celtics 1.1 mil, Knicks 662K, Heat 1.6 mil, and the Spurs 403K.

Since this post is all about multi-media, not just social media, here are some cool Chicago Bulls related videos I shot on FlipShare. GM Gar Forman addressing the media on NBA Draft night, and the Bulls world famous opening introductions from the United Center courtside, a couple years ago.

2. Blackhawks

Tweets: 22,908   Following: 1,023 Followers: 405,811

The Blackhawks have had a tremendous amount of new followers this past season, and postseason obviously. And they’ll likely gain many more during this Summer of Love, as we keep tabs on Kaner, Shawzer, Tazer, Craw, Seabs, Duncs, Saadfather, Sharpie et al via social media. Again juxtaposition: Red Wings have 310K, Canadiens 414K, Maple Leafs 350K, and the Bruins 404K

3. Bears

Tweets: 9,334   Following: 43  Followers: 313,229

They only follow 43 people!?!? Ugh. Disgusting. How arrogant and condescending. It’s called “social media,” not “aloof media.” Let’s quickly move on.

3. Cubs

Tweets: 11, 882   Following: 186  Followers: 253,578

It takes a lot to earn that tiny white check mark in a little blue circle. I only have a handful of followers with that prestigious status: Steve Lavin, Marc Silverman, Barack Obama, Maryeve Dufault (NASCAR Formula 1 racer), Dr. Saturday (Yahoo college football blog) John Daly, the Big Ten Network, Dana Hughes (ABC News correspondent, colleague/friend from my Fulbright fellowship in Berlin) and the Chicago Sun-Times.

C’mon Cubbies!! Join them.

As you can see, this plea is stupid and futile on my part as the Cubs follow almost nobody. For comparison sake, the Cardinals have 306K, Mets 190K (that’s it?? Jon Stewart needs to promote his team more!) and the Dodgers 310K.

5. White Sox

Tweets: 13, 368   Following: 629  Followers: 144,706

Ok, so maybe the Sox don’t follow me, but I seem to have an imprint among White Sox Nation rainmakers! My followers include two of the team’s most prominent beat writers, a Sox Media/Public Relations Rep, the team’s most well known Superfan, the world's most powerful Sox fan and most importantly, a scorching hot Chevrolet Pride Crew member with really big hair! With an audience like this, I guess I should start producing White Sox articles of news value then. AL big wigs and their follower counts: Yankees 921K, Red Sox 492K, Tigers 273K.

6. Fire  42, 347

7. Wolves 13,777

Colleges- Northwestern followers: 13,589,  Illinois  10,448, Northern Illinois 5,075  DePaul  4,775, UIC 2,346, Loyola 2,075

Paul M. Banks is the owner of The Sports (“Quasi-endorsed” by Philadelphia Eagles Coach Chip Kelly) He’s also an author who also contributes regularly to MSN, Fox Sports , Chicago Now, Walter and Yardbarker

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