Chicago Bulls, NBA Draft, Stanley Cup Final: Media Notebook 6-23-13

Chicago Bulls, NBA Draft, Stanley Cup Final: Media Notebook 6-23-13

Happy NBA Draft week! Happy NHL Stanley Cup Final! This week we have enough Chicago Bulls and Chicago Blackhawks material to keep you from acknowledging local baseball. With the Bulls we have the NBA Draft on Thursday, and Blackhawks game 6 is tomorrow, game 7 on Wednesday if required. Then comes Chicago baseball apathy, which is at record setting levels.

Remember that always red or orange but never any other color homeland security warning system? You don’t? That’s fine because it was a stupid, meaningless system which was ripped off from the old Defcon system and re-installed for supposed terrorist threats by former Director of Homeland Security Tom Ridge. If you applied the five color-coded system to Chicago Baseball levels of “dooooooooooonnnnnn’ttttt caaaaaaarrrrrreeee,” we hit red during the crosstown series after Memorial Day. Right now, we’re OFF THE CHARTS.


The Redeye has been awol on baseball coverage (rightfully so). White Sox bloggers are not returning emails at all, television ratings for crosstown games LITERALLY GOT half as many viewers as Hawks playoffs games, people will break into your house to give you White Sox tickets. (not literally, but you get the idea).

I’m sick of writing about a sport that elicits page view death. Unless something really weird, odd or otherwise newsworthy happens, I’m done. #Baseballhiatus for 2013. Big Ten football media day is just 31 days away. NFL training camps open in 33 days.

Now, on to stuff that you Doooooooo Carrrrrreeeeee about:


-I appeared as a guest Thursday on “Sports Media Weekly,” the best podcast around for discussion of  Sports Media. It’s a weekly show hosted by Sports Media Journal’s Keith Thibault and Ken Fang of Fang’s Bites. We talked Blackhawks, Bruins, NHL Stanley Cup Final, NBA Finals, “The Curse of Susannah Collins” and much more. Give it a listenSports Media Weekly has some very impressive names in its archive guest list. Michelle Beadle has been on twice!

-I compiled all the best, funniest and drinkiest pictures of Patrick Kane in one place.

-Where’s Illini star wing Brandon Paul going to end up on NBA Draft night? I did a mock draft composite of the Gurnee native here. I’ll be back with a Chicago Bulls NBA Mock Draft composite in the next couple of days. The Chicago Bulls own the #20 and the #49 picks in this year’s NBA Draft. I’ll also have an exclusive with Fox Sports Detroit/CBS Sports/Sirius XM personality Mateen Cleaves. The MSU hero and college basketball national championship icon talked Bulls, NBA Draft and Michigan State hoops, past and present with me. Those will be posted this week.

-Who had the most accurate NBA Mock Draft two years in a row?? OBNOXIOUS SELF/CROSS PROMOTION time! It’s actually my Sports Bank tag team partner David Kmiecik. He’ll have plenty of mock draft updates (even though Tuesday is in fact his birthday) this week. Here’s his latest.

-If you want to see TRUE OBNOXIOUS SELF/CROSS PROMOTION check out this specific NBC Sports press release. It takes cross promotion and self-promotion to an art form. The unabashed “corporate synergy” even has it’s own name “Big Event Strategy.”

-HBO Real Sports returns for NBA Draft week.

At this time in 2002, the talk centered on Yao Ming, and junior point guard Jay Williams, from the Duke Blue Devils. The 2002 Naismith National Player of the Year and a 2001 national champion, Williams was selected second overall by the Chicago Bulls and considered the heir to Michael Jordan. Following his rookie season, however, a motorcycle mishap left his leg permanently damaged, costing him his career and nearly his life, haunting him for years.


Now 31 and an ESPN studio analyst, Williams has emerged from a suicidal fog with new purpose and, remarkably, views his accident as a blessing. In this REAL SPORTS/Sports Illustrated collaboration, Jon Frankel interviews Williams, who talks about the crash on TV for the first time, nearly ten years to the day after the event.

-Jay Williams' alleged girlfriend Charissa Thompson officially left ESPN two days ago. Presumably for Fox Sports 1. Here's video of her doing the splits.

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