Chicago Buildings, Skyline Dressed up in Blackhawks Regalia

(UPDATE: With the Hawks big win last night, I updated the post with more photos and videos from downtown. I went into Ground Zero of the celebration- Rush and Division- and somehow returned in one piece. Without injury even. The Gold Coast, Streeterville, River North, the Viagra Triangle were all relatively peaceful and quiet. I interviewed a few Chicago Police and they all said that it was a nice, uneventful evening for them.

So kudos Chicago for acting like you've been there before (you have, just three years ago). Up in Wrigleyville/Lakeview, some people did not act with as much class and esteem. There were a few nasty incidents.

Here's video I shot of fan reaction last night in the Gold Coast.

Chicago is alive with Blackhawks regalia. It’s not just jerseys, t-shirts and hats on the citizens. You can see the skyscrapers lit up in red; like Christmas in June.

We also have Blackhawks words and images formed by light patterns in the downtown buildings. And outside the Field Museum of Natural History, the fossilized remains from an ancestor of Chris Bosh dons a Hawks jersey. The lions outside the Art Institute sport Blackhawks helmets. (Great Chris Bosh is a dinosaur/ostrich/struthiomimus memes here).

You can see more Hawks regalia, tomfoolery, hoopla and ballyhoo by following my Instagrams (@paulbanks05) Tweets (@paulmbanks) and Facebook photos. With the Blackhawks win, it reminds me of shooting footage of Chicagoans celebrating in 2010. Like what I shot here. Check out the white guy in the wife-beater tee.

Last night I had only one drink. And my toast to my friends was simple: "A Victory For Josh and Susannah." I'll always have fond memories of this Cup run because I built my social media following during it. My most popular tweets came in relation to Blackhawks games and breaking Hawks news. The most important and relevant pieces I wrote in 2013 were about Blackhawks media.

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