WLS's Bruce Wolf, Susannah Collins & Meta Twitter Convos (UPDATE)

WLS's Bruce Wolf, Susannah Collins & Meta Twitter Convos (UPDATE)

Twitter is a wonderful and strange place. Public figures make very public statements. Some are meant prima facie, some are not. WLS radio host (and part-time practicing attorney, hence my usage of a legal term in the opening graph) Bruce Wolf seemingly took a social media shot at former Comcast SportsNet employee Susannah Collins this past weekend. If you take the tweet at stand-alone and face value, it looks like an attack on the relevance of another media professional.

And ill-timed as it's published exactly one month to the day she was fired too.

Now stay with me as this post gets all meta. My tweeting the link to this original story about Susannah Collins elicits a reaction from Bruce Wolf. So then I have to respond, and in order to properly advance the narrative, included my own self-promotional tweet to this post. And soon the universe will collapse in and eat itself.

So I did. Here are some tweets Wolf made about Rocky Wirtz and  Susannah Collins.

So upon further review, when taking into account the whole body of Twitter work, this call is now overturned. Wolf is actually defending Collins, on the side against Wirtz, and likely poking subtle fun at all the Chicagoans who say it's "The Curse of Susannah Collins" on social media whenever the Blackhawks are losing. I mean who would you side with: the career-minded journalist who made a flub or the ultra-rich, team owner, alcohol distributor, Springfield manipulator and Sun-Times investor?

And of course, Wolf has some fun at my expense too. Or at least in defending himself from the original, attacking tone of this post. Which I'll take in stride. All in good fun. (Told you the post was meta)

Wolf has worked in the media business at the highest level for many decades. But my favorite bit of Wolf's was when he created a character named “Chet Chitchat,” a blended caricature of Chicago sportscasters Chet Coppock and current Bulls radio guy Chuck Swirsky (but mostly Coppock, at least in my opinion), which became a weekly feature on the station’s morning program. And Wolf was a staple on WFLD Fox 32 and WMAQ NBC 5 for a very long time.

You can catch Bruce Wolf weekdays in the morning drive time slot on WLS-AM 890 from 5-9 AM Listen here

For Bruce Wolf's homepage

Although we won’t see her on-the-air tomorrow, or even next week, Susannah Collins will bounce back from her career detour. She’ll return soon; and stronger than ever.

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