Blackhawks Front Office: Reader Mail Reaction

Blackhawks Front Office: Reader Mail Reaction

(UPDATE 5-7-13 11:50 A.M.: Susannah releases public statement on her own home page)

You and I love our hockey.

We’re excited about the Chicago Blackhawks playoff series. However, one must separate the product on the ice from the corporate suits micro-managing it in a dictatorial way. The team is great; they’re kicking butt. The front office?

Well, I’ve said enough about that lately. Here’s where I pass the microphone to you guys. The fact that they just raised ticket prices for the fourth time in six years isn't making them any friends.

And Chicago has spoken, I’ve received a lot of great emails, tweets, texts, post comments etc. Here are some of the best.

Finally, if you want a review of the best Sports Nutz videos, and a place to view them, see my Chicago Now teammate. The Mayor Daily does good work. Hopefully, one day as a society we can progress to a point where we no longer use a "z" to pluralize nouns. We’ll reach that mountain top!

On to the mailbag:


To claim in 2013 that only NOW this bothers them is either gross incompetence or gross hypocrisy. BTW, did you see Dan Bernstein’s essay?

The hypocrisy / incompetence is even more striking because it appears, as I think you observed, that Sports Nutz is what jumpstarted her career.

Marv Albert pled guilty to assault and battery charges and was able to return to NBC.  Is Ms. Collins, who committed no crime, now “damaged goods” now and unemployable?  Is there someone who will see an opportunity?  Or, to the middle age men who do the hiring, are the young women they employ as sideline reporters / “eye candy” fungible, to be discarded as soon as there is a perceived defect?


Being the Luddite I am, I don’t have Facebook and refuse to get it. But I feel compelled to comment on the Susannah Collins controversy and support a fellow Illini.

I fully support your argument that this came from the Blackhawks and not CSN. If anything, CSN didn’t disclose what they knew about Ms. Collins’ previous employment to the Blackhawks, but once her misstatement went viral, others in the ether picked up on her previous employment and the Blackhawks’ establishment gave CSN an ultimatum.

What’s horribly disingenuous about this is that the Blackhawks’ prurience is hardly kept behind closed doors. They have the girls skating around in tight little costumes and then trot out a hottie in equally hot garb for Shoot the Puck. It would be one thing if they had it all buttoned up like it was BYU, but this isn’t an organization that shies away from using sexuality to attract attention. Why it would pitch a fit over this is a little surprising since Rocky, we all thought, had dragged the franchise out of the Dark Ages after Dollar Bill’s death and put it on the modern calendar.

Collins deserves better. She didn’t pull a George O’Leary and inflate something on her resume or hide something a la Janet Cooke this before she was hired. The Blackhawks should be ashamed.

If there’s any justice in this world — and I believe there is — this will catapult Ms. Collins to greater things.

Keep up the good work.


Finally—someone says the words—Edzo and Foley with the constant “aren't they great” refrain for Rocky, McDonut, and Blunk…frankly I find them to be thieves now. Particularly McDonut (former used Rental Car salesman) and Blunk (constant flunky to McDonut at Cubs and Hawks)…My 300 section tickets were 34 dollars when I bought them in 07, now they’re 65 and going up next year…outright thievery, because now its become the North Shore Hawks.

Bobby Hull and Kaner need to go if the same logic is applied as to why Collins went. And Foley and Edzo (won half a million with his gambling addiction) need to stuff their homerism for the Executives. Foley sounds foolish now and Edzo has no need to do this anymore. Notice not a word from either of them about Collins, like “wish her well” or “good luck”…typical of that industry when one leaves, it's like they dissapear. Giangreco was right on with his comment about sports teams now owning the complete messaging of the team. Shameful and frankly borders on Pravda like


Paul is completely correct, many media members were “fired” by this Hawks Regime. They want propagandists, not reporters. Josh Mora, an excellent reporter, was totally jacked as the article says. No room for truth in Hawkland.

They use half-nude pubescent girls to skate and prance around the arena to fire up the horny, and then fire Collins. Nothing happened to Kane for boozing and schmoozing and punching cab drivers. Nothing! Helps if you can throw a few goals and assists around the ice. Edzo should say, “Parents, for your youngsters out there–”. Great imaging.

Hell, virtually nobody would know about Collins’ other four year old videos if they hadn’t made a case of it.

This unfortunate, low-paid woman has lost her job and her way of making a living over some millionaire team execs’ bizarre “image control”, deciding they can exploit women in one way, their way.

You can be sure that the Regime cares nothing about what anyone here says as long as the cash rakes in. And the BS line they keep blathering that the Hawks aren’t making huge money is flatly, a lie. But the lemmings will keep paying the ridiculous prices and the Regime will continue to laugh at them and everyone else.

Foley and Edzo have job security figured out. They suck up to Rocky, McDonough and even, believe it or not Blunk (?) at every opportunity. Everybody’s sick of hearing it except probably the suckees.


I am glad you used the Tim Beckman voice in this post. ha. no but really, I agree, this is ridiculous, it was a mistake for god’s sake. and, she’s actually probably right about what she said. but joking aside, not fair at all.


“The powers that be, they force us to live like we do….”
– The Pretenders

This is really an amazing power play by Rocky Wirtz. And the fact that he and the Or-gan-I-za-tion will get away with it without any repercussions should be a lesson to everyone.

You are owned.


The blackhawks have pulled this BS before. They did her a favor, because this publicity will get her a better job with a organization with some class.

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