Still thinking WR for Bears Draft, Most Media Say LB or OL

Still thinking WR for Bears Draft, Most Media Say LB or OL

It’s really hard to size up the Chicago Bears draft this year. Partially because the Bears draft needs are many. Partially because it’s a “fat boy draft” like Mike Mayock said! It’s “not sexy,” especially up at the top.

And this draft is the weirdest ever. Anything can happen. No NFL teams seem to be in love with any prospect. Which creates more uncertainty than in any other draft that I can recall. So it’ll be fun to see how many picks all of us mock draft geeks get right Thursday night; especially vs. Mel Kiper, Mayock etc.

Good luck to all who created a mock!

Fox 32 WFLD Bears reporter Dionne Miller said in my exclusive with her the Bears will go O Line with their pick at #20. Most media doing mock drafts and/or Bears beat reporters are saying Linebacker to replace Brian Urlacher; Others say OT to strengthen the team’s weakest position.

They’re both right.

I’m not going to say that OL or MLB isn’t a pressing need.

I’m just sticking with a WR in my mock draft because way too many times last year Brandon Marshall WAS the offense. He accounted for a ridiculous proportion of the catches, yards, TDs, overall production etc. I say they go wide-out. And being a rebel contra is in my blood. My German ancestry traces back to the town where Martin Luther defied the Catholic church and started the Protestant Reformation. Likewise, I’m burning the conventional dogma saying the Bears go LB or OL.

I have rationale to back that up.

Devin Hester is the dumbest athlete around; well no, Ryan Lochte is far worse. But Hester can’t even line up right, let alone properly execute the right routes in this offense. They need to make sure he sees the field for only one phase.

The Bears already addressed their TE and OT needs with two big signings. Phil Emery kicked his new regime off with a bang! Now he needs to correct the other mistakes of Jerry Angelo. So I’m not feeling Eifert with this pick. The second best TE in the draft, Zach Ertz from Stanford is not a first round talent. The three Offensive Tackles that everyone seems to be getting randy over: Luke Joeckel, Eric Fisher and Lane Johnson will be long gone by this time. The two best Offensive Guard prospects, Johnathan Cooper and Chance Warmack will be selected by this time too.

Last night on NFL Network, a panel of their “experts” mocked Te’o to the Chicago Bears. FACEPALM. #EPICFAIL

Good Lord, please don’t.

Can “Touchdown Jesus” intervene here and prevent the dumbest jock this side of Ryan Lochte (or Hester) from coming to Chicago?

Actually it was NFL Network analyst Melissa Stark who made the Te’o pick. I am more sick of Manti Te’o talk than I am of Tim Tebow and Jeremy Lin COMBINED. And that’s really saying something.


Every time I hear the name Manti Te’o I channel Jay Cutler: DONNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN’T CARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So that will conclude the Manti Te’o discussion for this evening.

NFL Network’s leading draft expert Mike Mayock moderated the panel, and in his one and only mock draft he mocked Te'o to Chicago.

I swear to God, I will "c*** punt" (CC Rebecca Martinson) the next person who mock drafts Te'o to Chicago

If the Bears do actually pick Manti tonight, then again credit Becca Martinson: "just go ahead and punch yourself in the f***ing face so that I don't have to find you, and do it for you."

Mayock predictably slotted Eric Fisher of Central Michigan #1 to Kansas City. Because Mayock gets as excited about Eric Fisher as I get over Kate Upton.

Peter King of Sports Illustrated posted his final mock NFL draft:

with Tyler Eifert going 20th to the Chicago Bears. He’s not the only one I’ve seen with Eifert being the Bears draft pick. Mike Mayock knows Notre Dame well from his work as an NBC analyst on Irish football games. I was on conference call (along with like 3,000 other media members) for Mike Mayock last week where he discussed Eifert being the best TE in the class by far. However, Eifert didn’t make it to the first round of the NFL Network group mock draft.

My Chicago Bears draft and beat writer Joey Flaherty did a  Bears draft in "hindsight.” And a Bears draft prospectus for all 7 rounds

So what is my Chicago Bears draft selection?

Tavon Austin, WR, West Virginia.

“The Pocket Rocket” is just about as versatile as he is fast. And considering he ran a 4.34 second 40-yard dash last week, that makes him pretty damn versatile. Many have Austin going higher in the 2013 NFL mock draft. I don’t buy it. There were rumors Austin scored a 7 on his Wonderlic test at the combine; so that will hurt him. If true, Austin might be at Devin Hester and Ryan Lochte level intelligence; so that’s a problem. Or not. Morris Claiborne admitted he blew off the Wonderlic and didn’t take it seriously; he knew he was going to get paid for football, not intellect. Much like his days at LSU; I’m sure he was “paid” for football, not his intellect. ZING!

When Austin comes into the NFL he’ll be limited almost exclusively to the slot, and I’m not sure how he’s going to react when he gets laid out by NFL-sized defenders on a regular basis. However, right now that’s fine. At #20, getting a legit third option in the passing game (I know you’re like who’s a legit #2 after B Marsh? We’ll save that discussion for another time) is a pretty good deal.

Again, here’s my first round mock in detail with player descriptions; and my website’s complete 7 round NFL mock draft night without player descriptions. And since it’s never too early, here’s my 2014 NFL mock draft. I know, I am a huge nerd.

By the way, we may actually have an openly gay NFL player by the time Draft weekend is over. It could happen.

Happy NFL Draft day everyone!!!!

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