Northwestern Alum Stephen Colbert gets Bill Clinton on Twitter

Northwestern Alum Stephen Colbert gets Bill Clinton on Twitter

Stephen Colbert may be my all time favorite Northwestern alum in the mainstream media. (Michael Wilbon is very good too)

In the recent past, I’ve been exceedingly harsh on NU alums in the MSM like Darren Rovell of ESPN/ABC or Tim Doyle of Big Ten Network, but I truly love the work of Stephen Colbert. I know this potentially alienates half my audience of sports fans, but so be it. I try to keep discussing these topics as apolitical as possible.

My Twitter biography, and post signature proudly states that President Barack Obama follows me on Twitter. Yes, he follows close to 64,000 people, but I still think it’s cool. My Doctor thinks it’s really cool. And yes, I know that advertising this also has the potential to alienate half of my sports fan readership, but so be it.

Stephen Colbert is a comedian and a pundit. And I had a great seat for his NU commencement speech at Ryan Field in 2011 (Watch the video and check out my Twitpic) By the way, his speech was EPIC!

Stephen Colbert did his show “The Colbert Report” from the Clinton Global Initiative on Monday.

And he opened with a joke about Twitter.


So it’s fitting that at the end of his exclusive interview with President William Jefferson Clinton or “Billy Jeff” as Stephen Colbert called him, the 42nd president joined Twitter; at Colbert's behest. However, this is one Commander-in-Chief that won’t likely follow me back on Twitter. The only person he follows is Stephen Colbert who typed out Clinton’s first tweet.



As of 2pm central on 4-9-13, Clinton was up to 73,000+ followers.

And this is a pretty funny tweet from Stephen Colbert, who has 4.7 million followers, and follows just two people.


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