Today, we are all NFL Teams who didn't draft Manti Teo

Today, we are all NFL Teams who didn't draft Manti Teo

No matter what NFL team you follow, we all have this in common today.

Your team, each and every of the 32 NFL clubs (or at least every team with a pick among the first 32), did not draft Manti Teo in the first round last night.

And that is a wonderful thing.

Twitter lit up with jokes about Manti Teo being an imaginary first round draft choice last night. Lennay Kakua hoax references were plentiful on social media.

And when the first round of the NFL Draft ended, we were all free to enjoy the schadenfreude of Manti Teo not hearing his name called. Perhaps The Onion did it best. However, this is about much more than disliking an overrated college football player. This is about much more than disliking Notre Dame. Lots of football fans have distaste for both of those entities.

All college football season long while Notre Dame was bombarding us with propaganda about how great a college football player Manti Teo was; and what a great human being Manti Teo is/was. And believe me, this propaganda was incessant.

I want to thank the Alabama Crimson Tide for putting those "truths" to rest. You made me a ‘Bama fan FOR LIFE! And I want to thank the mainstream media for dismissing the “Teo is a great kid” myth.


So excuse me today, if I revel in the fact that the Georgia Bulldogs had two linebackers drafted last night while ND had zero. Or I find a little celebration in the idea that every NFL team with a draft pick last night, had a chance to take #5 (hey, that’s also my #) and said “no, I think we’ll go in a different direction."

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