NFL Network's Mike Mayock evaluates Notre Dame's Tyler Eifert

NFL Network's Mike Mayock evaluates Notre Dame's Tyler Eifert

I was on a conference call with Mike Mayock from the NFL Network a couple days ago. Mike Mayock is an NFL draft expert and former defensive back. He played safety for Boston College and the New York Giants. He's a draft guru today. For a mock draft nerd like myself, I anticipated nothing but sheer awesomeness for this conference call.

Unfortunately, through no fault of Mayock, the experience fell well short of expectations.

Before we started, the NFL Network subjected us to a stupid (but thankfully brief) infomercial about some new programming. And since we were a captive audience waiting for Mike Mayock, the network was hoping we'd give their show some free publicity afterward.

We all get bombarded by ads and product placement. I just never thought I'd get it on a conference call.

There were over 100 other media members on this call so I wasn't able to get any Bears or local college football prospects questions in. Then again, aside from ND, there are no relevant local collegiate prospects in this draft.

I listened for an hour and a half, but then hung up, despite the fact that Mayock was still answering questions. This fact will shock most of my readers, but I do actually have a life. And I have things to do some times. There are actual moments when I am disconnected from a computer, smartphone, television, radio etc.

However, I was around to hear Mike Mayock discuss one topic of local interest.

Tyler Eifert of Notre Dame.

So is he the best tight end in this class?

Tyler Eifert may as well be Greg Olsen 2.0. Eifert will go before Zach Ertz in the 2013 NFL draft. Mayock ranks him as the 13th ranked overall prospect in the draft. Ertz checks in at #46.

“I feel like Tyler Eifert has clearly differentiated himself from the pack. Eifert, Ertz and Escobar are very similar in body type, about 6-6, 250 plus or minus. All three of them have excellent ball skills, so on paper they’re very similar,” Mike Mayock said.

“I think Eifert is a little faster than Ertz and Escobar didn’t run as well.” he added.

Eifert is the best blocker, so with his speed I think the interest starts with him at #13 with Tampa Bay and he doesn’t get out of the first round,” Mayock summarized.

For more on Eifert go here

To see where I have Eifert slotted in my 2013 NFL mock draft go here

Mayock's mock draft is not out yet. Thank all that is good left in the world that no one asked a question about Manti Te'o. And that Mike Mayock didn't talk about his Te'o at all. I'm not sure I can stand to hear anything more about that not-so-bright kid.

And I know what you're asking: will the Bears take the big, tall Fighting Irish tight end at #20? We'll speculate on that later this week.

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