Hawk Harrelson calls Boers and Bernstein "gutless" "Mariotti wannabes" On Air

Hawk Harrelson calls Boers and Bernstein "gutless" "Mariotti wannabes" On Air

Whenever I consume a Chicago White Sox broadcast it’s radio only. Hawk Harrelson is the reason why. Steve Stone is a MLB genius, but Harrelson is not even remotely close to being tolerable. I elaborate on this point in further detail here.

WSCR 670 The Score midday co-hosts Terry Boers and Dan Bernstein are perhaps the most polarizing figures in Chicago sports media. Lots of people love ‘em, lots of people dislike them. It seems we have a war of words going on: Boers and Bernstein vs. Hawk Harrelson.

Much to the chagrin of Bill James, Billy Beane, Fangraphs…pretty much everyone who cares about baseball with a brain, Hawk Harrelson said sabermetrics “has been the most overrated thing to come into baseball.”

Hawk Harrelson is entitled to his own opinion, but so are Boers and Bernstein; who were (rightfully) critical of Hawk’s comments on sabermetrics.

Harrelson responded by calling Boers and Bernstein “gutless wonders” and “Jay Mariotti wannabes.”

“Well, these guys think they invented the games of baseball, basketball football and hockey,” Hawk said. “They can find something negative in anything.”

Check out the audio of Hawk’s latest rant here

First of all, who would want to be Jay Mariotti? Seriously, who actually wants to be Mariotti? This isn’t 2002 anymore.

And by referring to them as “gutless,” I guess he wants the two sports media shock jocks to “criticize him to his face?” I don’t get it.

The two WSCR guys have rubbed lots of people the wrong way; it’s just what they do. And they do it publicly. On the SAME EXACT STATION that White Sox games are broadcast locally! So it’s not like they’re talking “behind Hawk’s back” or anything. B&B obviously knew this was going to get back to Hawk. And since this feud between broadcaster and co-hosts is station incestual, it becomes even more amusing.

Harrelson also accused B&B of being exceedingly negative on the White Sox. Not a surprise, as Hawk is the worst homer in the history of sports broadcasting. He also made some apparently groundless assertion that Terry and Dan attacked Sox Owner Jerry Reinsdorf. How can you NOT criticize Sox "slugger" and "designated hitter" Adam Dunn? He's getting paid $15 million a year to hit .098! You're a complete moron if you DON'T criticize him.

But hey, at least Hawk Harrelson got the names right this time. The WSCR show often plays a drop of Hawk saying: “Burrs and Bornstein, but who the hell are they?”

Boers and Bernstein. Woodward and Bernstein. Bjorn Borg. The Berenstain Bears. Whatever.

And Hawk’s airing his grievances during a White Sox broadcast? #YouStayClassy.

B&B certainly have angered plenty of people in this town, but they were just doing their job. Hawk certainly was not. And for being that unprofessional, I want to say to Hawk Harrelson: “hey, thanks for coming!” (Credit David Kay)

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