Hawks Duncan Keith vs. Vancouver Reporter Karen Thomson

Hawks Duncan Keith vs. Vancouver Reporter Karen Thomson

Blackhawks defenseman Duncan Keith had a very tense exchange with Vancouver radio reporter Karen Thomson last night. Following the Blackhawks loss to the Canucks. Thomson, a reporter for Team1040 thought the former Michigan State star and Norris Trophy winner should have been penalized for a swipe he took at Daniel Sedin in the second period.

Here’s the interesting part of the exchange, where Keith got real condescending and the back-and-forth became testy. This is bringing Keith some serious heat today; people are accusing him of overt sexism with the “first female referee” remark.

Karen Thomson: Well, it looked like maybe there was a penalty that went undetected. You seemed a bit frustrated.

Duncan Keith: Oh, no, I don’t think there was anything. I think he scored a nice goal and the ref was right there. That’s what the ref saw. We should get you as a ref maybe, eh?

Karen Thomson: Yeah, maybe.

Duncan Keith: First female referee?

Karen Thomson: I can’t skate, though.

Duncan Keith: Can’t play probably either, right?

Karen Thomson: No (laughing).

Duncan Keith: But you’re thinking the game like you know it? Yeah, see ya.


(audio available at Chicago Sun-Times)

Keith was definitely being defensive; in a very ornery kind of way. Keith often talks down to male reporters too- he’s equal opportunity in his (lack of) media relations. I actually thought the "you didn't/can't play" b.s. is more sexist and offensive than the referee remark.

Thomson did ask a very incendiary question, so a response like this was to be expected. However, Thomson was probably right about the call that stimulated the conversation; Keith should have been penalized. She was only doing her job.

Here’s what Karen Thomson tweeted after the game last night:



And what she tweeted today regarding the dialogue:


I agree that the Blackhawks vs. Canucks rivalry just added more fuel to the fire. And I would say that if Thomson herself isn’t all that offended, then maybe we need to relax. She was there, and she would know. So I’ll defer to Karen Thomson on this one. But we can all agree that Keith looks like kind of a jackass here. Just a little bit.

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