Darren Rovell Award Winner: Chicago Cubs

Darren Rovell Award Winner: Chicago Cubs

ESPN and ABC reporter Darren Rovell is coming to Chicago Cubs Social Media Night on August 21st.

*Faceplant* (credit Julie DiCaro @JulieDiCaro) And may I add #letdown #epicfail #pleasedon't.

Obviously, this grants the ballclub a Darren Rovell award. All national sports media and local Chicago media are eligible for the Darren Rovell award. Of course, priority will be given to Chicago sports media candidates. With Darren Rovell being a Northwestern alum, this award is both local and national.

The Darren Rovell award will be given to the entity who either a.) gives us obvious product placement in their journalism or b.) engages in prodigious self-promotion. The Cubs are guilty of both because they are now adding gallons of gasoline to the Rovellian fire.

If you have a candidate for the Darren Rovell award, email thesportsbank.net@gmail.com


That’s a tweet from Chicago Tribune golf, Northwestern and college football writer Teddy Greenstein.

The sloppy seconds joke refers to Northwestern Social Media Night; where Rovell was honored. And fawned over by numerous sycophants and hangers-on. Needless to say, this wasn’t exactly the greatest night of my life. It didn’t help that Northwestern spotted the Badgers the first 15-20 points and got blown out. So the college basketball game itself was lacking in excitement.

I fully expect the fawning over Rovell to be even worse when he comes to Wrigley Field. And I anticipate the number of sycophants and hangers-on to return, and in greater numbers. Well, at least we’ll always have last year’s Cubs Social Media Night. It featured Bears PK Robbie Gould, Cubs official website beat writer Carrie Muskat and Cubs Public Relations and Marketing Specialist Kevin Saghy (@Cubs). Overall, it was a good time.

At least granting a Darren Rovell award gives me an excuse to post a picture of Kate Upton. That’s Rovell kneeling before her in a former Twitter profile picture of his. Kate Upton is unquestionably the hottest woman alive; and everything else we believe on Earth is subject to debate.

Past Darren Rovell Award Winners:

Terry Hutchens, Indianapolis Star

Darren Rovell, ESPN/ABC


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