Media Notebook: Soledad OBrien, Tim McCarver, Doug Gottlieb

Media Notebook: Soledad OBrien, Tim McCarver, Doug Gottlieb

CNN host Soledad OBrien signed off on Friday with a call for the network not to back away from “tough and honest conversations”. Soledad OBrien, who has built a reputation for hard-hitting interviews, said on the last edition of her morning show, Starting Point, that “facts matter.” The new CNN boss, Jeff Zucker, cancelled Soledad OBrien’s show, which has performed poorly in the ratings, and announced on Thursday that it will be replaced by a new show hosted by Chris Cuomo and Kate Bolduan. (The Guardian)

-The Chicago Cubs revealed today their promotional and special events calendars for the 2013 season. Being of German descent, the highlight for me is Oktoberfest. And who would ever think “Cubs” and “October” together in a positive light. Heck, who would even think of “Cubs” and “October” together. So grab your Spaten or Bitburger or Gluwein and raise your glass to the Cubs special days/nights in 2013. The second annual Social Media Night is Aug. 21st.

-The most legendary of NBA coaches Phil Jackson had a ROUGH go of it with his first tweet. But the former leader of the Chicago Bulls and L.A. Lakers made a strong comeback with his second tweet. That's why he's the Zen Master

-(Daily Mail) Doug Gottlieb got ripped apart for telling a very dumb joke. He was labeled as racist, and probably too much was made of it. It was just a stupid, bad joke and he apologized for it. But now you should expect his career to take a Sean Salisbury like nosedive. Hey Doug, thanks for coming!

But as the night wore on, Gottlieb received a show of support from one of his co-analysts, former NBA star Charles Barkley – who trashed Gottlieb’s detractors.

Barkley interrupted the discussion of the tournament, saying: ‘I know this has nothing to do with the game. I wanna say something about Doug Gottlieb. He made a joke earlier tonight.

‘All those people on Twitter who are going crazy, which I would never ever do, listen me Kenny, Greg Anthony, and Greg Gumbel didn’t take that personally so all you people at home who’ve got no life who are talking bad about Doug Gottlieb get a life. It’s no big deal.’

-Tim McCarver's reign of Terror is over! Huzzah! Here's a timeline of his career. (Fang's Bites)

-There was a fine Illini press conference in Chicago today at Soldier Field, home of the Chicago Bears. I’ll have an exclusive with UI Athletic Director Mike Thomas posted here soon. We talked about the Chicago Homecoming Football game on Sept 14th vs Washington at Soldier Field and the Assembly Hall renovation.

-My all-time favorite Illini press conference, or any press conference of all for that matter was in 2010 when I asked Tar Heels coach Roy Williams about the Illini defending Harrison Barnes, and he went on a tirade against ESPN. It works on so many levels! Full transcript here.

-I asked Roy Williams a question, and Daggum Roy responded.

-Of course, in my opinion the way for Illinois to really win over Chicago hearts and minds is to win as many NCAA Tournament games as possible

-It’s official, Matt Lindner will no longer be a full time Chicago Tribune employee but will continue writing for the RedEye. He expressed gratitude to his Trib Company superiors on Twitter. And Lindner told me via email:

“I’m thrilled that Brian Moore and Chris Sosa are going to allow me to continue writing for the paper. RedEye has made writing fun for me again, and I’m excited about the kinds of stories we’re going to be doing heading in to the spring and summer.

Leaving the Tribune was an incredibly difficult decision, given that I dreamed of working at the Tribune Tower as a kid. That being said, this was an opportunity I felt I couldn’t afford to pass up.”

I wish him the very best.


-Have you seen the 670 The Score Boers and Bernstein “Tournament of Bad?” It’s much more entertaining than the Boers and Bernstein Hall of Fame.

A No. 2 seed in the State of Pennsylvania region, The Paterno Family defeated No. 15 Guys With Bangs, No. 10 Face Tattoos, No. 14 Jim Gray, No. 5 Forgetting Deodorant, No. 3 Franco Harris and ultimately No. 6 Go Cubs Go en route to its victory.

Check out the full bracket here.

Previous Winners

2012 – The State Of Pennsylvania

2011- Hoping On LSD During A Blizzard

2010 – Rod Blagojevich

2009- People Who Use Bluetooth When They’re Not Driving

2008 – People Who Say They Can’t Find Work

-It was great to see TOB representation for "Punxsutawney Phil," "pennies," "uneven restaurant tables," "Guys named Sandy," "Krab meat," and "face tattoos". But "cats?" That's just dumb and mean. They're only the most popular housepet in America. And other Tournament of Bad entries were just disgusting and offensive and in very poor taste: "dying," "getting shot while hunting," "dating Oscar Pistorious," "swimming in shark infested warriors" That's horrible and low-brow. Boers and Bernstein are at the Seth MacFarlane level of having no tact in making jokes like these.

-Finally, I HATE HATE HATE the Twtter/internet acronym ICYMI:  "in case you missed it." In the new social media age, it’s a 24-7 news cycle everyday, even holidays. Heaven forbid we actually miss out on a news story once. Got forbid we actually, sleep, eat, or have a life. It’s quite common to see journalists “apologizing” for getting on a plane, or driving because they won’t be able to check Twitter or tweet news for awhile. That’s life today in the media industry, your life has to be whatever is on tv or trending on Twitter or is “cool.” You are not allowed to have a life. Because at all hours, day or night there are legions of people who are sitting in front of a computer and will write about whatever it is that you don’t.

Well, I reject that idea, at least for one day. I’m going to spend Easter at my sister/stem cell donor’s house. She kind of saved my life, and she doesn’t do social media, So that’ll be nice. No Facebook, tweets, smart phones, or texts for awhile with Kristen Diaz and the Diaz family. Can’t wait :)

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