Sarah Kustok returns home for Bulls-Nets (Video)

Sarah Kustok returns home for Bulls-Nets (Video)

Sarah Kustok was a popular television personality (and search engine gold) at Comcast SportsNet Chicago since she started with the station in 2009. She was also big on NBC's local "Sports Sunday." However, she left for the YES Network in New York, where she is now covering Deron Williams and the Brooklyn Nets. A.J. Pierzynski of the White Sox gave her a cream pie send off her final night here in August.

Last night she returned to her hometown to cover the Chicago Bulls vs. Brooklyn Nets game. Sarah Kustok is from suburban Orland Park and attended Sandburg high school, just like Northwestern head coach Pat Fitzgerald (GO EAGLES!) Actually, I went to district 230 rival Stagg, Go Chargers! At the Bulls game, she did a video interview with CSN Chicago's Luke Stuckmeyer which you can watch after the jump.

Sarah Kustok talked about the Blackhawks record breaking red hot start; the team she used to cover. And of course no one will forget the time she was hosting the puck shoot in between periods and a fan told her live on air "I love you Sarah, you're so beautiful."

Sarah Kustok, who was also featured on NBC 5 sports while she worked in Chicago has since been replaced on CSN by Susannah Collins.

One of the greatest guards in DePaul women's basketball history, Sarah Kustok was inducted into the Chicagoland hall of fame last fall

Sarah Kustok is on Twitter, where she gained 3,000 followers the first three days. Even though she like almost never ever tweets.

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