Northwestern Alum Media, Celebs Opine on Coaching Hire

Northwestern Alum Media, Celebs Opine on Coaching Hire

When Northwestern basketball was flirting with the first NCAA Tournament berth in school history last March it became a huge local story. It was also a sizable national story. NU possibly taking its first ever steps into the big dance was a large story partially because it would have meant history; partially because there are A LOT of very prominent Northwestern alums working in media today.

The Medill school of journalism at Northwestern is as prestigious as it gets. I’ve had quite a few Medill kids as interns for me at The Sports Bank, and they usually leave pretty quickly for greener pastures. Now we'll look at what the large network of Northwestern alums in the media/Hollywood has to say about the new coaching hire: Duke Blue Devils Assistant Chris Collins, local guy and son of former Chicago Bulls coach Doug Collins. It's official.

The Minnesota Golden Gophers were interested in Collins concerning their current coaching vacancy, but they will have to look elsewhere. Regardless, NU fans should be rooting for Michigan State Friday night versus Duke. Not just for Big Ten pride, but to expedite the process of regime change. It'll be a late tip on CBS. And that's GREAT for Northwestern! They'll probably mention the Chris Collins hire multiple times during the telecast. You can't buy program publicity like that.

And CBS did brilliant marketing by breaking this story first. Now they can better sell MSU-Duke in Chicago, the nation's 3rd largest market. Chicago guy (Collins) coaches perhaps his final game under a Chicago born coach (Mike Krzyzewski), before taking over a Chicago program.

Now I could have tried calling or emailing all these famous alums for their insight, but that would be so 2007. Instead I did things the new-fashioned way. I got their public comments from Twitter. (And I didn't have to deal with being rejected by publicists)

NU alum and Chicago Tribune Wildcats beat writer Teddy Greenstein has been on this story since the beginning. He has the best inside sources. So follow his Twitter account. And read this interview I did with him! His old Tribune "Inside Media" column he used to do with Ed Sherman (read this interview too) was part of the inspiration for this very blog.


Another alumnus, Seth Meyers has starred on Saturday Night Live and in numerous movies. The comedian gave a humorous take on the Northwestern going 0-for-75 year in making the NCAA Tournament.

Michael Wilbon's Twitter feed had nothing about the program in transition these past few weeks. I still had to bring him up because he's the Co-Host of Pardon The Interruption, ABC/ESPN NBA Analyst, and a columnist for & ESPN Chicago. Wilbon's also been the featured speaker at Northwestern graduation and basketball midnight madness. ESPN's NFL insider Adam Schefter is also a Medill guy, but his feed is also absent of NU hoops news/commentary. This is his very busy season with NFL free agency and trades, so his tweets are dominated by that.

CBS 2's Megan Mawicke had something very interesting to say. (By the way, here's a piece about just how good it is to be Megan Mawicke)

Since the hiring official, she's done a couple RTs.


ESPN Sports Business Reporter and ABC Business Correspondent Darren Rovell is usually a big Northwestern University homer. (He also inspired an "award" that I will be routinely handing out on this blog. Go here to see the criteria/nominate someone)

Therefore, I expected something in his Twitter timeline about Northwestern. The corporation-disguised-as-a-human-being sadly had nothing recently about Collins. Instead I was subjected to not only a self-indulgent "look at my clothes" tweet, but also a SOCCER tweet! At the same time! ACK! My eyes are burning!


Sadly, the Twitter feed of Stephen Colbert, my favorite Northwestern alum of all, had nothing basketball related in it for months.

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