New Red Eye Writer Rachel Cromidas has WSJ, NY Times Cred

New Red Eye Writer Rachel Cromidas has WSJ, NY Times Cred

The Chicago Tribune Red Eye edition announced the hiring of their new writer today, and surprisingly (to me at least), they did not go in house. The new scribe on staff is Rachel Cromidas, formerly of the Wall Street Journal. The University of Chicago grad also has bylines in the paper of record, the New York Times, to her credit.

I first learned of the Rachel Cromidas hiring from the Twitter account of Tracy Swartz, Red Eye CTA reporter and a woman that is to making puns what Lindsay Lohan is to getting arrested. (see what I did there- making a blatant celebrity reference, when talking about a newspaper that focuses on entertainment news) I was also going to make a pun after mentioning Tracy Swartz, but I'm about as good at making puns as Amanda Bynes is to staying sober, so I passed.


And Rachel Cromidas confirmed it herself on her own Twitter account. Who needs public statements and press releases anymore when you have Twitter? Godspeed Rachel Cromidas. This hiring completes a months long search as the job was posted in December.


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