UPDATE: NBC 5's Cheryl Scott doing Blackhawks puck shoot Tuesday

UPDATE: NBC 5's Cheryl Scott doing Blackhawks puck shoot Tuesday

Tuesday night, NBC 5 Meteorologist Cheryl Scott will do the intermission puck shoot at the Blackhawks game. Cheryl Scott is more than a pretty face and educated mind. She's a very tough woman who did the polar plunge into 33 degree Lake Michigan today. Cheryl Scott graduated from Brown University in 2007 with a Bachelor's Degree in Geological Sciences. Scott furthered her education through Mississippi State's Distance Learning Program and received Meteorology Certification in 2010. So now you know more about the woman who replaced the gorgeous Ginger Zee.

Cheryl Scott previously worked at WSEE-TV in Erie, Pennsylvania, before joining WBIR as weekend meteorologist in 2009. She began as an intern at NBC-owned WCAU-TV in Philadelphia.

As evidenced by her tweet, Cheryl Scott loves sports, especially the Blackhawks, and like everyone else in Chicago she's getting caught up in the fever of the Hawks record hot streak.   Also, you gotta love the Twitter handle of whoever that is she's responding to. I'm wondering if that Twitter account is SFW?


And here she is practicing for the shoot the puck with a tennis ball while wearing high heels. She will wear similar shoes when doing the shoot-the-puck competition between the 2nd and 3rd periods of the Hawks-Minnesota Wild game. You know the drill for this bit (pun intended, or not intended, I'm not quite sure at this point): One kid who everyone cheers, one grown man who everybody boos, and one gorgeous woman who everyone loudly cheers. I'm sure you can figure out which role Cheryl Scott will fill.

Of course, this event from last winter, is still the greatest moment in shoot-the-puck history

And here's an update: a tweet from CSN's Susannah Collins (go here for her professional background) and a pic of Cheryl Scott with her shoot-the-puck crew. And did I not predict the formulaic line-up perfectly: one man in Hawks sweater, one kid and one pulchritudinous woman.


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