Media Notebook: NCAA Tournament Edition

Media Notebook: NCAA Tournament Edition

Welcome to the NCAA Tournament edition of the media notebook- a collection of links, news, nuggets, tidbits, tweets, status updates, observations, quips and more. All relating to March madness.

Not only did I see to an Illinois tourney win, but I got to see NORTHWESTERN (st.) PLAY IN THE NCAA TOURNAMENT. History.

-Remember, how your bracket is doing is the most interesting thing in the world to you, and it's the least interesting thing in the world to the rest of us. So when you tweet about it, we care about as much as we care about your fantasy football team.

-The stars at night, (Tracy Abrams, D.J. Richardson, and Brandon Paul, had 44 of 57 Illini points in the tournament win), were big and bright, clap-clap-clap, deep in the heart of Texas. But they said at Thursday’s media session that the team has had no chance to take in any local tourism. They have not seen the sights of America’s 13th largest city and Texas state capitol. The NCAA Tournament is a business trip, not a vacation after all.

However, they did go to Vince Young’s steakhouse. And VY himself was in the house.

-And Vince Young, the former Texas Longhorns legend, should be hanging out in his college town where he's a local deity, it’s not like the #3 pick in the 2006 NFL Draft has to be at an NFL mini-camp soon or anything. You could officially label him with “bust” status. Actually, you could have applied that label since 2010.

-TBS/TNT sideline reporter Jaime Maggio got a lot of attention during 2011 March Madness. During that time of year, when college basketball routinely sees an exponential growth in popularity and coverage, America creates new media stars too. Jaime Maggio is such a star. And her stock is rising again in 2013.


-Have you gotten enough Rachel Nichols on CNN, and CNN with Bleacher Report updates this NCAA Tournament?

-ESPN gave us a basketball version of Tim Tebow for awhile about 13 months ago with Jeremy Lin and “Linsanity.” His alma mater, Harvard was the talk of the NCAA Tournament first day. It didn’t happen until the very end of college basketball's Christmas Day, but Harvard upsetting New Mexico, a #14 seed over a #3, was the very first instance of madness this March.

And with the Harvard NCAA Tournament win, the first in school history,  elite, mega-rich, privileged white males finally had something go right for them for a change! AT LAST, a long-awaited lucky break for the overly entitled super-rich!

-By the way, if you’re rooting for Harvard in the next round, you’re pretty much rooting for Goldman Sachs in life. As expected “Duke Vitale” and ESPN slobbered all over the Crimson on SportsCenter last night. Detractors love to call Bristol "Eastern Seaboard Programming Network" for a reason.

-Oh and about New Mexico choking, and bowing out of the first round. A NM beat writer of 33 years! actually quit because of it.

-It’s not just local, but national news now- the Kendall Gill vs. Tim Doyle scuffle at the studios of Comcast SportsNet Chicago  Of course, it was put on the backburner locally with Brian Urlacher not coming back to the Chicago Bears, but it’s still a huge story. Gill, the Comcast SportsNet Chicago Bulls analyst, is suspended from CSN airwaves for the rest of the Bulls season. Doyle has been covering the NCAA Tournament for Big Ten Network. Neither network has further comment.

However, ABC 7 Chicago sports anchor Mark Giangreco had a comment, a very colorful one. But remember, this altercation had nothing  to do with Illinois vs. Northwestern rivalry. Gill played for the Illini in college, Doyle balled at Northwestern. It was about analyzing a controversial ending in the Bulls-Nuggets game a few nights ago. And Doyle has every right to express his opinions on Gill’s work.

-Of course, I called this on February 24th. When writing about the format change from Chicago Tribune Live to SportsTalk Live I said:

"Just don't have BTN's Tim Doyle on; because he has a track record of not saying intelligent things on the air."


-I appeared in RedEye as a bracket picking expert along with David Kmiecik of The Sports Bank, Jen Lada of Comcast SportsNet Chicago and Brian Glickman. Two Illini, two Marquette grads, whose collective brackets gave a lot of love to the Indiana Hoosiers, and New Mexico. Uhm yeah….about that…..well IU looks good so far.

-As AWFUL as UCLA looked in the game versus the Gophers, they are college hoops blue blood, literally and figuratively. The UCLA fight song is still the Mozart Symphony #40 of college basketball.

-Please STOP using the CLICHE “shock the world.” Do you honestly think people in Burkina Faso CARE about a #15 seed upsetting a #2 seed? Do you really think they’re worrying about broken brackets in third world countries?

-Illini guard Brandon Paul is pretty confident in his scoring abilities, as you can see here.

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