ESPN 1000 fires Harry Teinowitz

(UPDATE: Harry Teinowitz discussed his firing on WSCR 670 The Score today!)

The ESPN 1000 afternoon show "Carmen, Jurko and Harry" is sans Harry Teinowitz now, reports Time Out Chicago's Robert Feder, as Harry Teinowitz has been dismissed from WMVP.

(Update: ESPN 1000 announces lineup shuffling, including addition of Colin Cowherd)

Teinowitz had been with the station since 1998; the ex-stand-up comic previously co-hosted on WMVP's predecessor, the old WLUP, and also served as sports anchor on Danny B. and Johnny B. Harry Teinowitz wasn't told that this would be his last show until after he signed off yesterday. So this break-up appears to be anything but mutual. CJ&H were losing their ratings slot to B&B. WSCR's Boers and Bernstein had a decided advantage in the latest ratings report.

Maybe that's the reason for Teinowitz's dismissal, maybe it's not. The only comments out of ESPN 1000's communications department were standard yawn-inducing, telling-us-nothing boilerplate. It will be just Carmen and Jurko in the meantime while the station determines its next step. There are rumblings that Colin Cowherd could be coming to Chicago. Maybe the firing of Harry Teinowitz, a posh NorthShore suburban native, has to do with his 2011 DUI arrest that led to both and on-air apology and a suspension from the station?

From the Sun-Times:

Police did not charge Harry Teinowitz with possession of marijuana, but they reported there was a strong odor of pot coming from his vehicle when he was pulled over in the 3800 block of Greenwood Avenue.

When asked about the odor by police, Harry Teinowitz said the car was recently parked by a valet and those who parked it must have smoked inside, police said. Officers searched Teinowitz for marijuana and then saw marijuana residue on his shirt, the report stated.

Asked by police where the marijuana was, Teinowitz again denied having any, police said. An officer then pointed to a green leafy substance on Teinowitz’s shirt and he had no response, according to the report.

Speaking of ESPN 1000, here's an exclusive we just did with WMVP c0-host Marc Silverman

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