Derrick Rose comeback HYPE needs to settle down!

Derrick Rose comeback HYPE needs to settle down!

It's Lent, the season preparing us for the coming resurrection; of Derrick Rose on ??? Jesus Christ on Easter, March 31st. I'm not sure which figure is bigger in Chicago right now, but I'd guess the former. I'm not trying to rip off John Lennon, I'm only trying to help us all in the Second City obtain/maintain some perspective.

Now "let he who is without sin cast the first stone," though I have sinned. And this is my confession. Late Friday night, early Saturday morning I posted this article on the site I own/manage:

Chicago Bulls fans, it seems the 2011 league MVP, Derrick Rose, will be playing on Monday night versus the Denver Nuggets. You can see Derrick Rose on the court, not just on pizza boxes. The Bulls moved the telecast of their game with Denver from Comcast SportsNet+ Chicago to Comcast SportsNet Chicago. The Bulls are switching places with the Blackhawks, and when you consider that the Blackhawks have been breaking television ratings records left and right, you know something big has to be happening to bump them down. The news began with Daily Herald Bulls beat reporter Mike McGraw tweeting the broadcast news

Now I know what you’re thinking, if this is really happening, why isn’t WGN the Superstation picking up the game instead? Well, as Wayne Randazzo of WSCR (670 AM, a CBS owned station) pointed out, WGN doesn’t have the rights to pick up the game, Comcast does.

So as I drove home from covering the Big Ten Tournament at the United Center, I thought wow, it's late, it's a Friday, no one is online. I bet no one on the internet will have this! And like they say on HBO's AWESOME serial The Newsroom, "always get a second source." And here was one print source speculating that Derrick Rose was coming back, and then a second source on sports talk radio- two mainstream media sources!

When I got back to my computer I saw that no one on the internet had picked up this story of speculation. Remember, neither source, nor myself ever said Derrick Rose WAS returning Monday, we all just said it was probably/likely/definitely maybe (if I may quote the title of an Oasis album, and I should since Oasis is the greatest John Lennon/The Beatles tribute band of all time) Derrick Rose was returning.

And I was very excited to see that I would probably/likely/definitely maybe be the first internet news source to go with it. And I was; pretty soon I was at the top of Google News, then picked up by Fox Sports. It spread like wildfire from the link on my Facebook and Twitter pages. Linked in message boards on ESPN, Real GM, Gather, Reddit.

Though I know it's ALWAYS a bad idea to look at what message board people are saying about my articles, I did anyway.

Thankfully, I didn't see anything disturbing. I only saw hope, positivity and excitement. And then all that was squashed today as the Bulls played the Denver Nuggets sans Derrick Rose. It was just a lot of sound and fury signifying nothing. Did I jump the gun? No. Would I do exactly what I did should the same situation arise in the future? Certainly. I feel bad about the situation in general, not anything that I did.

This article from Rant Sports sums up how I feel today: "Even Derrick Rose should be sick of all the Derrick Rose talk."

And unless Derrick Rose is the biggest solipsist since the Roman Emperor Constantine, then yes I'm sure he truly is sick of all the Derrick Rose talk. I know I am, I'm sure a lot of the media is. And from the sentiment expressed in the message boards, I'm guessing A LOT of the fans, and Chicagoans in general are as well.

During Rose's MVP year in 2011 I told a fellow friend/sportswriter in Milwaukee: "Derrick Rose is our state's Brett Favre- the most popular athlete man-crush." Now I would tell him again that Derrick Rose is our Brett Favre; for a very different reason. We're all exhausted with the "will he/won't he" return bit.

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