Fake Roy Williams, Daggum Roy, speaks on NU hire, McDonald's All-American game

Fake Roy Williams, Daggum Roy, speaks on NU hire, McDonald's All-American game

They say laughter is the best medicine, and Daggum Roy will make you laugh. I'm still bitter towards the North Carolina Tar Heels for hurting me after the 2009 National Title game by beating the Michigan State Spartans. (did a semester of grad school in East Lansing) And they traumatized/scarred me for life by beating the Illinois Fighting Illini in the 2005 National Title game. (my alma mater)

However, I still sort of wanted UNC to go all the way to the finals this year, just so I can be entertained all March madness long by the fake Roy Williams Twitter account. This person is so funny it’s ridiculous. You have to follow @DaggumRoy 

In 2010, I asked the real Roy Williams a question at a post game press conference and got a Daggum Roy response. In Champaign, after they just lost badly at U of I, I asked about Harrison Barnes, and the defense Illinois played against him. Roy Williams responded with an anti-ESPN tirade in which he hilariously mixed metaphors, used the word “balls” and gave me a  “Repeat the dang gum question.”

Full transcript here. I joked about not working for ESPN in the midst of it, and the crowded Assembly Hall media room enjoyed this whole exchange very much.  Every newspaper in the Carolinas picked it up and the Charlotte Observer  had “gumption” in place of "balls."

Yes, I found that wrong and unintentionally funny as well. But enough about Roy Williams, let’s talk to Daggum Roy.

Duke assistant Chris Collins. You've faced him plenty of times. Good or bad hire for Northwestern?

Who's gonna do all Mike's halftime talkin' for him?   Mike ain't talked to sideline lady-feller one in bout 5 years.  

Very true. The McDonald's All-American game will be here for the third straight year in a few days. At the United Center. Are you targeting any of those undecideds left in the group? How is Kentucky's John Calipari beating you out on the recruiting trail? You've got to stop him.

McDonald's is a cotdamn Liar! Calipara?  Calipara's just got more money 'an rest  of us.  Kids ain't free.


For so much more from my exclusive with Daggum Roy go here

And here's what Daggum Roy had to say about Syracuse defeating Indiana and Marquette eliminating Miami last night:




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