Chet Coppock has a new Chicago Sports book out (exclusive interview)

Chet Coppock has a new Chicago Sports book out (exclusive interview)

Chester Coppock, a.k.a. Chet Coppock is an American Emmy award-winning radio broadcaster, television broadcaster and sports talk personality. Coppock publishes Daily Coppock videos and interviews on, as well as an audio podcast called Coppock on Sports available on iTunes. Coppock can currently be heard on Notre Dame football pregame and postgame on WLS Radio, as a featured content contributor for the Heritage Series on the Chicago Blackhawks website.

Coppock is recognized as one of the most notable alumni of New Trier High School in Winnetka, where he got his start, broadcasting football and basketball games on the school radio station. Since then he’s hosted, co-hosted multiple shows over the years with WMAQ-TV, WMAQ radio, WLUP, WMVP, Fox Sports. He’s been a prominent staple of the Chicago sports media scene for decades. In the 1990s  Coppock also co-hosted The Mike Ditka Radio Show as well as talk shows featuring NBA coaches Phil Jackson and Doug Collins.

In 1999, Coppock received the Peter Lisagor Award for Journalistic Excellence.

In 2009, Coppock penned the “Coppock On Sports” blog, covering Chicago sports for In 2007, Coppock served as a football consultant and had an on camera role in the motion picture “The Express” starring Dennis Quaid and Rob Brown.The film was shot at Ryan Field in Northwestern.

Coppock has a new book out. And I had an exclusive interview with him about his latest endeavor.

Fat Guys Shouldn’t be Dancin’ at halftime: an irreverent romp through Chicago Sports, Coppock penned the ultimate guide to the best and worst people, places, and moments in Chicago sports. Boasting an All-Star cast of characters Mike Ditka, Jack Brickhouse, Michael Jordan, and many more this rollicking journey reveals the truths that every fan should know. You might not always agree with Coppock, but his insight and wit are sure to keep you entertained.


PMB: What inspired you to write the book?

Coppock: I never had the opportunity to write books over the years. I felt like the timing was right. I wanted to write about sports in Chicago, but I thought this is going to be very very dull if I take a predictable route which is go to Wrigley Field, go to the Cell, go to the UC, go to the Cubby Bear Lounge that type of thing. I wanted to personalize it. Make it kind of semi-autobiographical.

I had done a lot of writing for magazines, for the Chicago Sun Times but I had  never written a book. Though I never wrote a book in my life, the book became almost my life, period.

I turned out 158,000 words in 98 days.  It was fun. Would I do it again?

I’m actually working on a follow up right now. “Fat Guys Still Dance and Still Jivin”  This one will be more about my life, more my career. You know the interesting thing about writing a book, I don’t know how you can do it without implementing yourself somewhere in it.

It’s gratifying. When you wake up in the morning, it’s the first thing on your mind. When you go to bed at night it’s the last thing on your mind.


PMB: What do you hope the reader experiences, what do they gain from reading it?

Coppock: I hope they can laugh a little bit and I hope that they recognize that the book is meant to be more or less tongue in cheek. There are some serious things but I don’t picture myself as Hemingway with this book. I pictured myself more as Frank Deford.

I just want to do one book where I could pick certain elements in my life all the way from my lifelong association with the Chicago Bears to the wrestling ring announcer. I hope to bring those points to the reader. Based on the feedback I’ve gotten, it’s been 90 per cent positive of the time I did

Stay tuned for part two where Coppock and I discuss the Chicago sports media scene and the media business in general. You can follow Coppock on Twitter here

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