Samantha Ponder, Superstorm Nemo, March Madness Preview: Media Notebook 2-8-13

Samantha Ponder, Superstorm Nemo, March Madness Preview: Media Notebook 2-8-13

-How is there not a conflict of interest with ESPN personality Samantha Ponder married to Minnesota Vikings QB Christian Ponder? Do they make her stick to only college sports? Seems a situation like NBC reporting on GE, when the network was owned by the corporate behemoth. There’s been rumors in this town about a sports reporter and a player hooking up, and Erin Andrews has been linked to Green Bay Packers QB Aaron Rodgers, L.A. Kings Jarrett Stoll, former Wisconsin Badgers coach Bret Bielema and some hockey players early in her career when she was starting out in Florida. Seems like a situation that could seriously undermine journalistic credibility.

-This Getty photo should possibly be sports pic of the year (well, any non Kate Upton pic) Finally, something of interest to both sports bloggers and parenting bloggers, the two most prominent genres of blogging!

-(Fang’s Bites) want to know when your college basketball team is playing this weekend? Bored and looking for any game to watch? Here’s the comprehensive list to this weekend’s tip-offs

-Since the #1 team has gone down 5 weeks in a row, including Illinois over Indiana last night, this year is wide open, with no true dominant team In theory, this should lead to one of the best March Madnesses ever. And anyone who picks all #1 seeds in their bracket this March clearly needs to be wearing a tin foil hat. So I love this tweet from Yahoo’s Dan Wetzel:

@DanWetzel  Great finish in Champaign. But college hoops needs fixing, right?

-Time to start following the fake Twitter accounts of Cubs chairman Tom Ricketts and Blackhawks superstar Patrick Kane. Maybe I’ll do a best of post on each later

-(Boston Sports Media Watch) With winter superstorm Nemo baring down on the northeast (why would you name a storm after a Disney character that millions of kids love? Who wants to “find” this Nemo? Best wishes to Hope you and your servers stay safe

-( rates Notre Dame’s Tony Alford the top recruiter among independents in college football, while offering these comments: “You have to look at the job Tony Alford did for Notre Dame as recruiting coordinator. No matter what recruit you spoke with, Alford’s name would come up. Especially in Florida where the Irish pulled in a nice group from the sunshine state. However, when it mattered the most . . . Alford was there to keep the calm and let everyone know what was going on.”

-670 The Score's Boers and Bernstein will make a show announcement today at 5. I'll be back later with an update, or if it's anything really big, I'll do a whole post on it.

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