Marian Hossa post-game interview was awkward (video)

Marian Hossa post-game interview was awkward (video)

This is why we need to abolish halftime and postgame in-the-heat-of-the-moment interviews. Marian Hossa last night is exhibit A to do away with these pointless exercises (even though they do give me plenty of material to write about since they're always so bad).

The Chicago Blackhawks kept their record season opening undefeated streak going as Marian Hossa netted the OT winner as Hawks beat the Edmonton Oilers 3-2, improving their record to 16-0-3; increasing the streak to 19.

Marian Hossa is just not in the mood/frame of mind to give an interview at a moment like this. And players on all teams in all sports are trained by Public Relations and Media Relations professionals to give inoffensive, cliche answers to every question. Hockey players don't say anything interesting because it's part of their job not to.

He was just coming off the ice after a very long, emotional victory. So he struggles at first to even find any words at all. This video could be edited from the original live post-game interview; because I remember much more uncomfortable silence. Susannah Collins didn't have much to work with here. So don't blame her. Sideline reporters are put in very tough circumstances; at least in these kind of situations.

This isn't that any worse than your typical on-field halftime or post-game stuff. They're all bad.  But don't take my word for it. Look at the testimonial from an actual sideline reporter, NFL Network and Notre Dame reporter Alex Flanagan (go here for her full bio and pictures)

This exchange between Flanagan and Ed Sherman of The Sherman Report says it all

You know what the critics say about the value of sideline reporters. CBS doesn’t even use them. What’s your response?

I’m often asked to defend the job of the sideline reporter. I think of myself as an accessory. I don’t know if you can appreciate this, but I tell my female friends, ‘When you get dressed up in that great outfit, the one thing that can top it off is a great accessory. Like a necklace or ear rings.’

Are we a necessity for a telecast? No. But I can see a lot of things that happen on the field that (the announcers) can’t see from up high.

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