Rough week for Jenny McCarthy tv show; Sun-Times columnist banned from charity event

Chicago Sun-Times advice columnist and blogger Jenny McCarthy hasn't had the best of weeks, the new Jenny McCarthy tv show on VH1 saw her primary guest bail out on site of the set.

The Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation a charity that does excellent work supporting cancer survivors in eastern Ontario—had hired her to headline a fundraising event, but because of her backward anti-vaccination beliefs, her invitation was retracted.

In other words, it was a rough week for the 1994 Playboy Playmate of the Year turned Splash magazine writer.

Let's begin with the most important issue. McCarthy has a history for making statements like these and has become the face of the anti-vaccine crusade; Really bad things arise from thoughts like these.

From Slate (in a VERY EMOTIONAL MUST READ piece)

More than perhaps anyone else she has mainstreamed the incredibly dangerous claims of the anti-vaxxers, saying vaccines gave her son autism and that she cured him using what are known to be noneffective treatments. She decries vaccines as toxic, yet boasts about getting injected with Botox, which in reality contains the single most deadly protein toxin known (botulinin). What she says is phenomenally dangerous, and I consider her claims to be a substantial threat to public health. The idea of her working with a cancer clinic to raise money is galling, to say the least.

After all, Jenny's knowledge of science and medicine led to her accidentally sending a nude photo of herself to her dentist.

Moving on to the Jenny McCarthy tv show. It's second episode is tonight on VH1. Which again shows you how VERY IMPORTANT it is that the Sun-Times gave her a newsroom desk; while McCarthy is off in another time zone shooting her tv show. More on her celebrity treatment by the S-T here.

From OMG!

This doesn't sound like the Josh Groban we here at Access Hollywood know and love, but according to Jenny McCarthy, the singer was scheduled as a guest on the first episode of her talk show, but bailed upon his team's sight of sexy dancers on her set.

"He did show up, [but] I think the go-go dancers [his team] took a look at and thought they were a little too sexy for their taste," Jenny told Billy Bush and Kit Hoover on Tuesday's Access Hollywood Live.

McCarthy is later quoted as saying that her show is like a nightclub, with a bartender, a DJ, and sexy go-go dancers. Yeah I see this show making a "Mash" like run of longevity. McCarthy is trying to make a sexy show that makes you feel like you're "out on the scene." But here's why it will fail, just like the Cindy Margolis show (which it kind of rips off anyway) before it. Anyone interested in drinking, dancing and making idle chatter is OUT DOING IT AT THE TIME YOUR CRAPPY SHOW IS AIRING. They don't care to watch someone else do it and never will. The television industry just won't ever learn this simple lesson.

Maybe it's time McCarthy just go back to being a nude model, since nothing else seems to be working for her. Of course, at her age, the clock is ticking for how long she can keep doing that.

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